March 1, 2009

martha and mildred~part 2

"heads up everyone"
"especially you mildred"
"I think that woman from yesterday is back"
"come on martha....RUN....let's go see if she kept her promise"

"SLOW UP girls....I think you need to let us big burly boys check things out first"
"I know she looks sweet and everything, but it's only 16 degrees out here today and I don't care what any of you think, she's nuts to be out here on a frigid day like today"
"oh shut up already boys, you're giving me a headache"
"she's got her camera and look that hubby of hers has a box of something"
"it says NILLA WAFERS"
"no stinkin bread crumbs for us"
"what are nilla wafers"
"cripes, I thought mildred could be difficult to be around
but you boys have turned this feeding into a cluster-duck"
"martha, that's a cluster-fuck"
"mildred let me set things straight here for you"
"if you're a duck for beak's sake, it's a cluster-duck"
"only if you're a human with a camera and you take your life in your hands feeding ducks like us when we're starving, then it's a it?"
"thanks lady with the nice hubby for the wonderful afternoon treat"
"but cripes you had to take one step just a little too close and scare the crap out of us
when that happens we take off and show you how cool we look when we fly
because we know that you like shit like that"


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  2. Beth- you are TOO funny! I love "cluster duck"- the other phrase is a personal fav of mine- used often! Great shots of your new duck friends! Imagine the excitement for Mildred and Martha if the Nilla Wafers had chocolate frosting on them! (I deleted the
    1st comment- it got goofed up- sorry)

  3. I laughed the entire way through this!!! great shots

  4. This whole series is hilarious! I happen to love Nilla Wafers. So, I would have been in duck heaven!

  5. LOL... too funny :-)

  6. lol, a cluster duck....hee hee. Very entertaining piece of writing.

  7. OMG you are a freaky duck person like me! But with much better pictures. HAHA

  8. You so make me grin with joy! Love the 'nillas! Nice shots, too!

  9. That's a lot of ducks! The 4th shot with the Nilla Wafers flying through the air cracked me up. Great series!


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