February 28, 2014

emerging in the woods

a few weeks ago i had the privilege to review a "new to me" company called printcopia and let me tell you, they are fantastic. their website is extremely user friendly and the only difficult thing for me was choosing a photo to use. i ended up picking a photo i "made" and am currently using as part of my blog banner and to say it's beautiful is an understatement. you see, the photo pictured here is actually a blend of three of my photos that i created and the fact that it was printed on canvas perfectly, pretty much blew me away. on top of it, the quality and weight of the frame that the canvas is wrapped on is the best i have ever seen. without question, i will be using them again and again and again and i thought it only fair to let you all in on the fun. if you want to do your own {free canvas} review, send me a note and i'll get you all set up.

{ps…the color is perfect, but the woods and my vsco editing changed it a bit}

her name is dixie 
and no, she's not coming home with me, 
but she sure knew how to make me smile.

mardi gras

this little spot on the water 
is the perfect place 
to rest, pray, wish, dream, nap, write, draw, paint, kiss, pretend, believe and talk. 
utopia, perhaps?

February 25, 2014

a dose of random

you have to admit it…he's a cutie.
plus, he totally posed for me.

i've never had anyone "photo bomb" one of my jumping photos, but it happened and i love it.
{see  the guys in the back?}

of course to be fair, here's their ocean shot.

now who's jumping? the photo bombers of course.

is anyone watching jimmy fallon? seth meyers? did anyone see the premiere of "about a boy?" i have to tell you, i loved that first episode and can only hope the rest of the weeks are as good as that one was. final opinions of the olympics?

if you have 3 minutes to spare, this video totally cracked me up.

i need new tennis shoes desperately and usually wear nike or reebok. any suggestions for tennis shoes you love, that you can wear all day and still feel great in?

February 20, 2014

you're the wind beneath my wings

call me crazy, but i love to feed the seagulls. we show up with snacks and in turn, the ravenous beauties cluster around our heads and scare my hubby, which makes me laugh. a lot.

it's a win win for me :)

i actually had to darken these photos up a bit in order to share them. the sun was literally coming through their wings, making it look like i had photoshopped all of their craziness into the photos. so with lightroom, i used the "vsco" look and brought the coloring way down…which you know i love, so again…a win win for me.

sheesh…now i sound like charlie sheen….winning.

February 17, 2014

happy campers…i mean jumpers

happy campers
happy jumpers
just happy

February 14, 2014

valentines day and every day

i don't know who wrote the quote above,
but i want to thank them.

February 12, 2014

true colors

after my last post, i thought maybe i'd write a few posts all color related and call this one "white," but there are some adorable girls waiting for their jumping photo, and since they jumped for me, it's only fair of me to get their photo to them as quickly as i can.

i have so many sand piper photos {or whatever the tiny, full of caffeine, skittish beach birds are called} but i have never captured them flying, so finally getting them in the air is crossed off my bucket list. {kidding…that was never on my bucket list. snort} anyhow, it's amazing how their wing span makes them look at least twice as large as they actually are…something i had never noticed before.

and now, 
my favorite quote of the day.

"Don't sacrifice your peace trying to point out someone's true colors. 
Lack of character always reveals itself in the end."
mandy hale

February 9, 2014


i don't feel at all like i should be short on words, but i am. maybe it's because today is sunday and sunday is a day of rest? yes, let's just go with that. i'm resting. snort.

anyhow, i hope your weekend is turning out to be an amazing one, no matter what you're doing... even if you're doing nothing...and if you are doing nothing, i hope you're doing it with someone who means everything to you.

February 5, 2014


our sweet baby girl is twenty six today and instead of celebrating with her, we're missing her like crazy. BUT in a "way to go and grab life by the horns" good way. she's been in australia since august and in may we'll be welcoming her back home with our arms wide open.

she actually celebrated her birthday yesterday, since she's a day of head of us, so the "wishes, glitter throwing and party hat wearing" fun has lasted for forty eight hours.

to say that we're proud of her would be such an understatement. she is living, loving, learning and fully embracing her independence in another country and all we know for sure is that after a life experience like this, she can do anything. well actually, she's always shown us that she can do whatever she puts her mind to, but now she can fly. her wings have grown above and beyond anything we ever imagined for her and believe me, we have really big imaginations.

so here's to you sweet girl. we love you more than you'll ever really know…which exceeds {by leaps and bounds} how much we miss you and man, we miss you soooooooo much!!!

February 1, 2014

you are not a bird

i love making these little signs and i thought it most appropriate to make one to welcome in february. january, you came and left your mark and for many it smarted. so february, no pressure, but we're liking you already and all you've done is arrive.

yup, you're cute and everything, 
but you are not a bird, darn it.