March 4, 2009

a little green and can you do generic ?

I'm still playing "green week"
and I've decided if you really want to feel
is the color
the group that is playing has filled a flickr pool
with green
if you need a breath of fresh air
come and see us
I've noticed lately that even with the economic crisis
I still have to have certain products that I just can't replace with a cheaper version
I can go generic or store brand with
cold medicine
hamburger buns
that's about it
I'm wondering if I should feel bad about this
Since I love
I've gotten pretty good at buying the archer farms goodies
actually they have the best potato chips ever in my opinion
{kettle cooked}
I can't give up
bounty paper towel
cottonelle toilet paper
puffs kleenex
colgate toothpaste
heinz ketchup
when I was in Target the other day
I came home and told my husband that I can't afford to have my period anymore
he threw an m&m at me and laughed
the tampons that I ALWAYS buy are playtex
now priced at $7.29
the target version of the same thing was
$4 and something
so I actually stood there
reading the back of the boxes comparing the pictures of what the tampons looked like
to see how close they were to each other
I decided that if I can't buy generic ketchup
I'm sure as hell not going to buy generic tampons
there are limits a woman has to have and I just found another one of mine


  1. I laughed out loud - I'm with you on this subject. We have a grocery called Publix here and all of their store brand is great. But I can't bring myself not to buy Heinz, Miracle Whip, Kraft's cheese and namebrand personal products. I find the toilet tissue is ok but generally is looser on the rolls so you use it up faster.

  2. I seriously struggle with this...I will stand in the trash bag aisle for 5 minutes, staring at the effing bags trying to justify spending $9 on something that goes directly in the trash! Damn you Hefty and your superior quality! And don't get me started on the toilet paper, those cottonelle puppies get me every time. Oh and peanut butter! Yeeeeeeshhhh

  3. ha! i know exactly what you mean. we went cheap on toilet paper for a while and man. it's rough. :)

  4. 1. hilarious that you called it puffs kleenex since kleenex is also a brand name. that's not the only brand that has come to stand in for the general name. :-) and i use it all the time too, tho' we only have kleenex here and not puffs, but i'm ok with that. because they're not the dusty kind of kleenex for some reason.

    2. you cannot buy generic mayonnaise. it's hellman's or nothing! silly. :-)

    3. if you buy the liquid-filled advil, nothing's better than them other than some kind of mainline ibu solution. :-) but for everyday use, i'm totally with ya on the generics.

    4. i was thinking just today about buying a cheaper foundation, but when i passed through the duty free, i was inexorably drawn toward the estee lauder counter. i can't skimp on my futurist. i just can't.

  5. shoot, woman, the generic tampons work just as well as the brand name, and considering where you're putting them and for what purpose, if you happen to need to go through MORE than a few in a day or a cycle, think of the savings. I stopped buying brand name tampons eons upon eons ago -- the scariest part, Beth? the same companies manufacture them ... just different packaging and marketing strategies.

    but I am NOT doing without my Best Foods real mayo, or my Diet Coke (the real thing) ...

  6. LOL Beth, I'm with you on the tampon issue. I can't buy cheap either when it comes to tampons :-)

    My goodness, I'm actually discussing tampons :-O LOL

  7. This is too funny! And, it's so true! I can't give up certain brands either.

    And, if you'll notice in those boxes of tampons, they keep putting less and less in there, even though they're jacking up the price. Criminal!

  8. I'm with you on most stuff. (Especially Bounty). The other just doesn't work for me. And this is a totally delightful post! (I do like those kettle chips, though -- even though I try not to buy them!) I don't buy mayo often but when I do, I'm a Hellman's girl. A Tab woman (who will reluctantly buy a diet coke or pepsi if pressed), a Colgate ("great regular flavor") kind of woman! I may switch brands, but I seldom go generic. Go figure!

  9. oh i wish i could just say that, 'i can't have my period anymore' and it would be true, heehee.

    i'm like you, can't buy generic on certain items and there's something strange going on in me that i almost feel like i'm spending more than i should on stupid things (like starbucks), like i refuse to acknowledge that we're in an economic crisis. feh.

    hope your weekend has been a good one!


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