March 28, 2009

I asked for asked for it...and here it is

Carol wanted know what inspires me
the sun on my face inspires me...actually the sun anywhere on my body inspires me... which makes me think of the beach and that's a whole other story
kim wanted to see my beautiful tile
I cheated on this one, because this is the tile at our cottage, but it's my game and I get to make up the rules as I go along and this really is my "LOVE" tile and we used it here in the bathroom and as the kitchen backsplash
cinner wanted a picture of my house
and I think she must have forgotten that in order to take that picture, I would have had to go outside in the snow and I'll have none of that and like I said, my this is a picture of our cottage instead, which I like way better than our house anyhow and patti wanted a picture of something if I was looking outside my front door or window...well, here at home I'd be looking at a neighbor's house {yuck} and at the cottage I'd be looking at our prairie {yippee} so I'll just use this picture to hopefully make you both smile

meri asked about something I collect and elizabeth asked about a cluster of goodies
well my vintage photos answer those questions easily
and if you really want to know, I have hundreds of them, mostly of children
and I can't seem to leave a flea market without a handful of them as somehow I believe they need a home, which answers the question sue asked me

samantha and meri... you sillies
my junk drawer
I know, I know....I tend to be pretty neat

sweet laura who has been to my house wanted to see this cabinet again
this is from the original post office from the home town that my hubby and I grew up in and when they built a new one, all the cubby hole pieces were taken apart and we were lucky enough to get a section of it

relyn asked about my bookshelf
which is really bare right now here at home because all my books end up out at guessed it.....the cottage.... because they feel good out there
{I just started, "everyone is beautiful" and I love it}

meri also asked about my favorite hanging thing
be warned
story coming up
even though the picture is shitty
this is a custom made mirror by brian andreas that my hubby surprised me with when we lived in st. louis...the original saying says, "a little more space" and when we moved to st. louis I happened to be lucky enough to have a closet the size of a small shopping mall {seriously it was huge} so john called the company {story people} and asked them if they could add "closet" to the saying and brian said yes and favorite hanging thing

nobody asked to see sophie
but she's almost my favorite anything in the whole world
she wanted to model her new spring rain coat for all of you
{it's great when your sister works at land's end}

marcie asked about the inside of my fridge
now if you thought I was boring
well, this just might have confirmed it for you
and you'll notice I can't live without my feta cheese or my french vanilla creamer

holly somehow knew where I spend way too much of my time
when she asked about my blogging space
my desk is an old farmhouse kitchen table with worm holes in it and I love it
and it sits here in my office, which also houses my little corner of the world that somebody asked me about, but now I can't remember who

and last but not least
derrick asked me about my favorite kitchen gadget and I had to pick myself up off the floor as I fell there from laughing so hard
and then marcie asked about the dishes in my kitchen sink
when my hubby read those questions he just laughed and said I needed to take a picutre of the phone and the take out menus which would answer both questions
{oh I just love that man}
can I just say that you are all great and fabulous
{and I hope I didn't forget anyone and if I did, I'm so sorry}
you all made me think and laugh and run around the house and yell at my flash
totally got me out of my snow funk
I'm sending you all a huge hug for playing along with me
I can only hope that you'll come back to visit
now that you know how dull I am


  1. I love it Beth!!! You, boring? I think NOT!!! I loved getting a peek inside your world- thanks for doing this! SNow...Be Gone!!!

  2. My Dear,
    You may be many, many things which I look forward to discovering, but dull? Umm, no. Not a good adjective to use with the name Beth in the same sentence!

  3. I love your vintage photo collection. I've been debating on starting my own collection... I saw a few sets of vintage photos at the flea market last weekend, and had intended to go by yesterday afternoon to pick out a few, but unfortunately got sidetracked. Anything special you do with your collection?

  4. I really like that cabinet. Very cute.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I have always been a Canon girl and I love mine. I have also played around with the Nikon too, I have a friend with one, and it is nice as well. The only reason I went with the Canon over the Nikon was the price of the lenses. I think it is just a personal preference. I hope that helps.

  5. Oh, I love this. It makes me want to run around my house and take pictures, except my house is not nearly as cute as yours. And, that cottage? To. Die. For. :)

  6. thanks for sharing so generously of yourself with these shots. I should do a documentary of my new digs too - this inspired me.

  7. Oh, Beth!

    Now I feel cheated because I only got to see take out menus! You are the second creative lady who admits to not cooking. Can this be true?!

    But I enjoyed seeing all the other things and Sophie looking cute. You are very generous to show us around.

  8. Terrific! Love how you managed to find such beauty in the everyday!!!!

  9. dull? you? hardly! not a chance anyone is going to buy that! You are one of the spunkiest gals out there!
    i loved seeing these photos... your house is beautiful! what i would love to see? more portrait of you, your family and sweet sophie.

    gonna miss stopping in here everyday next week.

  10. Thanks Beth, I did not want you out in the snow...what was fab is the cabinet from the post office. what an absolute find. Your junk drawer is an inspiration, and your kitchen with the menus made me laugh....Dull your not, I will be back. cinner

  11. Great pictures and boring you are not. I'm new to your blog, a friend of Holly's so I do look forward to coming by every day to check it out.
    Bytheway, I love Sophie.

  12. hi sophie!! that was fun beth...sounds like a new challenge!!

  13. what a delightful post!!!

    love your collection of photos - whatcha gonna DO with all of those?

    say what?

    you're gonna send me some!?!


    you are just too sweet...

    xox - eb.

  14. Wonderful post, I enjoy seeing all the things that you love! Roxanne

  15. Boy! You miss one day -- one little day, one little post and you're taking a poll! And I missed it! But I really loved peeking into your world with lovely things (all of which resonate with me, but especially your Brian Andreas, who is a favorite in our family! How cool it was customized!) Love the cubby, too. But mostly I see how warm and lovely and filled with peace and beauty it all is -- just like you.

    And, if I'd made it in time to put in a request I would have asked: What is your favorite piece of art you did and kept -- and why? (Maybe that's for another post sometime!)

  16. I love these photos!!!!!!!! Love the words you put with them! Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

  17. Great post..great cottage!

  18. Ok, your junk drawer is seriously anal! But I love your collection. I once came home from an antique store with a photo album of someone's family heritage, all red velvet cover and fancy clasp, all professionally taken photographs. I couldn't stand that it didn't have a home. All I know is that the family was of Scandinavian heritage and that they ended up living on the peninsula where I live.

  19. Oh, Beth!!

    I knew it! You do live in a magical and inspiring haven.

    Your cottage is so beautiful. When I saw it, I thought...I would love to build my first house just like that. All those windows, beckoning Mother Nature to join our family.

    I love the light on your face. And, the light that comes from within it too.


  20. Beth, I just love your cottage, I do, I do! And all of those old photographs are wonderful.

  21. This is fabulous. Simply MARVELOUS!! I love, love, love it!

    And. If I didn't already love you, I'd have to call you a friend after I saw your junk drawer. That's my kind of junk drawer.

    Hey, I know it's just my second graders rubbing off on my sense of humor, but my word verification is
    boogerall. Ha. Ok, well, I thought it was funny.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth