March 12, 2009

our house....

is a very, very fine house
with 2 cats in the yard
life used to be so hard
now everything is easy
cause of you
come on
please tell me you were singing along with me just now
make me smile
some of you bloggers reading this are almost young enough to have grown up
singing along with Barney
the likes of
"I love you, you love me"
this is the kind of music I was raised on
there are just some songs
no matter how old you are
where you never forget
where am I going with all of this you ask
finally our house is fine
since our 17 year old is back at school
after a week long bout with a flu bug
the stomach flu
a fever that wouldn't break
a headache that wouldn't go away
a cough that would wake the dead
a nose that ran solid for days and days
a sore throat where even ice cream hurt
now I have teenager's basement that needs to be fumigated
while we're on the house subject
can I just say
my hubby is the greatest
after watching an episode of oprah one day
having him hear for himself that a husband
dusting the house
emptying the dishwasher
vacuuming the floors
making the beds
cleaning the toothpaste off of the bathroom mirrors
for lots of women
well let's just say that when I returned home today
a morning filled with
a zumba dance class
an appointment with my spine physical therapist
a treatment from my acupuncturist
all of the above
uh huh
it worked
I'm in the mood alright
even this manly man of mine
wouldn't go near the basement
"we'll just let that air out a little before we touch anything down there"
I heard him say


  1. I was totally singing along!

    You two lovebirds have fun now...*wink wink*

    {I told you about Marvin Gaye seducing me the other night, it's surely spring fling time...}

  2. That was great! I was instantly singing, CS&N wasn't it? It is funny how by reading 4 words, a song you haven't heard in years pops right in the old brain.And, I was listening to what you said about your husband and Oprah. Well, I need to go. I have to go buy some cleaning products!

  3. LOVE that song!!! and what a sweet husband....awww

  4. THAT is the exact same crud I had, then Double BB and my boys had, then I got again ... poor JACK!! shite.

    Double BB, tho' quite good at cleaning, would listen to that on Oprah, then go get a bar of scented bath soap instead -- less work, same result (maybe I need to stop being so EASY!)!!!

  5. ha! and yes, singing along! xoxox
    and, thank god, i did not grow up on barney (though we did sing the song...ryan and many years ago!)

  6. I'm a first time visitor to your blog, over from Shutter Sisters - that song is one of my all-time favorites! LOVE your photos, and your words too. (And I love the name of your blog!)

    I read back several posts to the one you did in February about editing. I'm a bit of a purist, and not a techno whiz, but I do think it would be fun to play around more with Photoshop. Processed photos are some of the most evocative, imho. Thanks for sharing!

  7. yes I'm old (ha ha ha) humming that song and chuckling have had a busy day, glad your kiddo is better...

  8. Beth, thank you for leaving a note on my blog. There is NO group so great as Crosby, Stills and Nash! Wow, that brought back wonderful memories!

    Beautiful photos! I love your birdhouse! That's one thing my garden is missing. I feed the birds every day, and they've become so used to me that they won't leave the feeder while I'm there loading it! But no birdhouse. ):

    I have a manly man who washes the dishes, mops and stuff too. Aren't they just the cat's meow!? (:


  9. LOL you do have a way with words Beth, you more often than not make me chuckle with your posts :-)

  10. I ove that song and yes- was singing along! Glad to hear your son is back to being a teenager- that flu is nasty stuff! I love a man weilding a broom and cleaning supplies (and who watches Oprah!)

  11. Yes..I have to admit - as soon as I began to read those words..I burst into song.
    Glad to hear your son is on the mends..and that you have time for yourselves!!

  12. Yep, my John cleaned today, ooh la is soooooo trued (what we heard on Oprah, tee, hee).

  13. greetings! I only have it in me to comment on one post, so I picked this one because i love this song so much. i wish all the pix would load because i love your work so much, but the wonderful words will have to do. i'm glad the teenager is better and hope you two didn't/don't get the aftermath before fumigation. And that you're feeling ok.

    higs! Damn cant' type. hugs. j

  14. My neighbor's son had the same thing all last was horrible! ... But I do love that you came home to all those chores being done, what a guy!


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