March 21, 2009

wide open or just me on another quest to find the beauty in the broken

spring is here
are you feeling wide open
ready to dust off those winter cobwebs
has the clutter that gathered these past months
in your
mind and movements
become too much
let it go
let it all go
run around in circles
breathe in that fresh new air that makes us sneeze
look for the buds on the bushes and trees
ride with your windows down
sing your favorite song at the top of your lungs
throw on a baseball cap and smile at strangers on the street
lay down on the floor and rub your dog's ears while she's sleeping
eat only potato chips for lunch

if you have to
if you're not quite feeling it
stand on something
that will make you taller
so that you can get a better view
of it
because it's here
spring is here
my calendar says so
so now excuse me while I go put my winter jacket back on


  1. Beth, I love how you put all this…
    I feel so wide open, almost ready to bloom open. And yet, there is that chill, too. I can tell I need more sun, and a bit more time before I can really start to feel the verdant green of spring in my body, but I know it's there and coming.

  2. Hilarious last line!!!!!

  3. Love how you've embraced 'spring'!!! Wonderful joyous and hopeful. Then - of course - there's the reality of the still too cold winter temps! :-)

  4. yes yes yes!
    i love this post.
    i love your advice for spring.
    i certainly needed it!

    today is all about decluttering my mind by decluttering my pit of a house. it is a huge mountain to climb, but i have to do it!

    i LOVE the "eat only potato chips for lunch"! i do that all the time—sometimes with fries, too. i have such a thing for potato chips or fries. i don't know why.

    happy spring!

  5. winter is a clingy little child at the idea of finding beauty in the broken. great shots.

    :) happy spring

  6. Hey hello BETH!

    Love all your pics... you are awesome girl. I especially love the one below of the Wisconsin river. BEAUTIFUL!

    you asked about the ledger paper.

    12 pieces for $10

    Have a wonderful day. Enjoy the fresh and all the wonders this world has to offer you and I.



  7. This is why I had to invent that little photo thing you helped me with (still waiting for me to launch it) ... love the sequence of the thoughts, the humor and intensity all at once. Beauty in the broken, I need to look for that in myself sometimes, like yesterday. And if it's going to be chips for lunch, baby, it's going to be chips and guacomole all AFTERNOON! (cuz I can't stop til the guac is gone)

  8. Ha! Hopefully, you'll start to feel the warmth of the sun soon. :)

  9. Love your humour. What's spring without a little winter air? ;-)

  10. I love this- as the kids at school are sporting shorts and flip flops becaus the calendar said spring break and it was 22 degrees when they left for the bus stop...such hiarity by Mother Nature

  11. Hi Beth,

    Really enjoyed your take on Spring! Hope you'll be able to remove your coat soon!

  12. iloveyourphotographs..theymakemyday...xo


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth