March 4, 2009

I'm ready...

to lay on our porch
with nothing on my mind
relaxing to the sounds of the birds
thinking about how blue the sky is here in the country
hoping that the phone doesn't ring
watching the grasses in the prairie bend in the wind
seeing the smile on my husband's face
eating fresh baked cookies
waiting for the deer to walk up our drive way
look us with those eyes that say
"welcome back"


  1. Now that sounds like a superb way to spend the morning...

  2. I'll bring the Iced Tea, annnnnnd the porch swing!

  3. It's a sweet life we get to live isn't it?

    {Hi, I'm Cam, I've been here a few times lately, and love the whole vibe of this place you have here.}

    Soaking up the sun on beautiful days is as good as it gets...

  4. I wanna sit with you

  5. i'll bring the cookies if i can come over and sit with you? how i dream about a day or two just like this..

  6. (I said Thank you on my site, but wanted to come here & say it too!)

    I'd love to be in your add-on pile! :)

    Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll also?

  7. Save room on the porch for me too!

  8. I'd quite like to sit there too :-) Beautiful amount of light coming through and the prospect of deer coming by to say hello.

  9. Beautiful poem, adorable dog and wonderful feeling -- I echo those who want to be there with you!


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth