all about me

i truly see beauty and inspiration everywhere i look
most of the time
it's in the mundane or the quiet cobweb filled corners of everyday life
i haven't  done anything i consider extraordinary
like writing a book or saving someone from a burning building
being truly happy about the little things in life and offering kindness to strangers
unbelievably fulfills me
the one thing i know for sure 
about me
 {thank you oprah} 
is that what you see, is what you get
i am just a girl who loves photography and people. a girl who will tell you it like it is. who will snort when she laughs and listen when you talk. a girl who grew up in in a small midwestern town with one traffic light and who was taught to say excuse me, please and thank you.

i've been married to the love of my life and high school sweetheart for 29 years. we have two children who have flown the coop, leaving us as empty nesters. fortunately they're both close by and we're grateful for their frequent visits. we've had the excitement of moving around often and have lived in new jersey, connecticut, michigan, st. louis, chicago and indiana, but wisconsin is where our hearts will always be deeply rooted.