May 9, 2014

just a little bit buried

we've been spending most of our days packing and taking things apart to be packed. oh the joys of moving. i should write a book.

our sweet girl is home from australia and everything seems to be right with the world once again. she didn't come home with an accent or a kangaroo, but instead the ability to cook. the girl who used to turn her nose up at green food, now loves avocados and don't even get me started on her love affair with hard boiled eggs. in her pre-australian life, she used to run screaming at the mere mention of "we're having fish for dinner" and the other night she ate salmon with us. WAIT a minute. who is this girl and what did they do with our daughter? snort.

we had a huge moving sale followed by an amazing garage sale and almost all of our things are gone. by the truck load they were bought and hauled away and i''m liking the emptiness of it more than i ever thought i could. it took me awhile to realize that all of those things i thought were so important to make a house feel like a home, were just things. of course we have some items that we would never part with, {that we hold an emotional attachment to} but everything else…well, bye bye.

but with that said, based on the number of boxes in my office/art studio and speaking of emotional attachments…i think we're married.

i'm still planning on moving over to my new {yes it's done} website {that i talked about in a previous post} but i just don't have the heart to start posting on it until i can give it the love and attention it deserves. by the way, for anyone out there who needs help with blog tweaking, i found a great guy who is amazing. when a few things came up that i wanted to change and i couldn't figure out on my own {after googling css and html codes for hours} how to do it,  he came to my rescue. brent works via email and paypal so it doesn't matter where you live. seriously people, if you've ever thought "i would totally pay someone to help me with                   on my blog/website," he's your guy.

we watched "the way way back" again the other night and friends, this is a must see movie. honestly, i no longer recommend movies easily due to the verbal backlash that can arise if it's hated, but this one…well, call me crazy daring since i'm obviously taking my chances even mentioning it here. snort.

i'm now off to watch my hubby and daughter put together a {462 pieces and 12 page instruction booklet} TV stand for her apartment. is it too early for margaritas?

happy weekend!!!