April 30, 2011

fat and happy...

i hope
your weekend is filled with sun that shines in your face

opportunities to scratch what itches

hours of just laying around in the outdoors
{this is our neighbor's fat cat that acts like a dog and makes me laugh}

April 29, 2011

little house on the prairie.....

it's not really a little house. it's a log cabin.
it's not really on a prairie. it's on a huge lot with overgrown pine trees.

it's for sale

we don't want the log cabin
but the land would be amazing

it sits far off the beaten path
so every now and then we stop by
just to visit

the cabin really needs to be pushed over and made into firewood
the handmade porch with the tree growing in the middle of it is pretty sweet

even with our miserable spring
life is growing at the neglected cabin

{does anyone else see a heart in the flowers above}

funny isn't it
how plants grow and make us feel alive
even when deep down 
we feel a bit stunted 
from what winters left behind

April 28, 2011


 my energy to come back
tank tops and flip flops to be worn on this beaten down by winter body
something grilled for dinner every night especially salmon
something exciting in my life to happen
a new house
sophie to stop throwing her full water dish around
at least one night a week where i sleep like a log
my migraines to get under control
the heat to stop kicking on
my overly plucked eyebrows to grow back in
my legs to magically look tanned
next weeks "the voice" since i totally fell in love with the episode that aired tuesday night
all the stuff in the basement for our garage sale to magically price itself
just a smidgen of inspiration to make me feel alive
what are you waiting for

April 27, 2011

a bit brisk.....

it's been raining here and much cooler than what it should be.
 they said this is the coldest spring we've had in the past 15 years. as puny as we've all been feeling around here because of the weather, i'm not sure it was necessary to tell us that. 
how about telling us something along the lines 
of how this cool weather is making all the mosquitos move south to breed and there won't be any left here to chew up our bodies come summer. now that's news.

i have
a u-haul to rent for my son
a package to mail
a trip to verizon so they can hopefully fix my phone that doesn't get emails anymore
a butt to kick at walgreens for a prescription screw-up
a jacket to buy for my daughter who's running her first race this weekend
happy hump day to you

April 25, 2011

all about the kids.....

off they went 
on what turned out to be a fantastic sunny spring day

 my hubby and my brother-in-law hid the eggs
some of them were in broad daylight

 some of them weren't

 there were special spotted eggs in which the kids could only get one of and they weren't supposed to look inside them until the very end. T you are so busted.

 i think my sister's chickens heard the word eggs and got a bit nervous

 toby actually got in on the action and found an egg underneath a rock before the kids did
for linner {that's lunch and dinner in case you didn't you know} we had ham and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and cheesy broccoli with french fried onions and grape salad and deviled eggs and home baked bread and and and....shoot, i know i'm forgetting something. let's just say we ate really well like we always do. for dessert we literally inhaled my sister's frosted cut out cookies that are out of this world.
like i knew there would be, a loud and outrageous ping pong tournament took place. my hubby kicked butt. there were also games of pool, trampoline jumping and flipping, a bit of stick ball and frisbee throwing and even some dancing.
it was pretty much a perfect easter
now i have to share what was on the front of an easter card my sister had
"susie, where did you hide the easter eggs at?"

"mary, how many time have i told you not to end a sentence with a preposition?"

"susie, where did you hide the easter eggs at bitch?"
how was your easter

April 24, 2011

happy easter

April 23, 2011

as you go....

may the roads you travel this weekend be far and wide
with love
finding you around every corner
may your loved ones make you laugh and fill you up
may your nights bring you star filled skies to get lost in
happy easter

April 22, 2011

a little of this....

a little of that
this lamb, or is it a sheep, is a photo i took last year
this year i'm turning it into a greeting card

i found this on a tumblr site i love
i think it should be blown up and made into a canvas
hung in all of our homes
i have had easter at my house the past four years, but this year my little sister who hosts everything is having it and i am grateful for that. you see, when our kids moved out, everything in our finished basement went with them and now we have nothing
left to entertain her kids or mine.
we just recently gave to my sister the only thing left behind. the ping pong table. and i know without question, after we are stuffed full of ham and potatoes, there will be a knock down drag out ping pong tournament and i will place my bet now
that my hubby will whoop everyone's butt. he always does.
here's "hopping" you all have an amazing easter weekend
{get it...hopping instead of hoping}
now i'm off to fill 72 eggs with goodies
that's a job i pretty much love

April 21, 2011

hippity hoppity easter's on its way.....

did anyone else cringe last night when steven tyler swore
now granted
i can swear with the best of them and throw an f bomb like there's no tomorrow
all i could picture were the innocent nine year old girls
sitting all excited in the audience
wondering why all of sudden the adult sized hands attached to the arms of their parents
had grabbed them into a death grip while trying to cover up their ears
even randy was mortified. did you see him on his feet motioning a time out with his hands.
come on steven. grow up. we've come to love you. don't ruin it now.

did anyone watch oprah tuesday
with the 61 year old grandmother who gave birth to her own grandson
all i can say
is that i would done the exact same thing
now to be a bit snarky
did anyone notice the son-in-law and how when he laughed
his entire body shook and made him look kind of goofy
[maybe it was just me]
then did you see oprah yesterday
all i can say
is that i plan on seeing
as soon as it comes to town
by any chance have you been following this blog
a really really bad broken leg. traction. a non-stop 19 month old.
this mother deserves a reward

April 20, 2011

i just can't help myself....

i love my turtles
when i looked at this photo from last week
[that i took prior to the %#*^&@^ snow storm that blew in here yesterday]
it made me smile
then it reminded me of all of you
of all of us
how in this crazy world of blogging
we hang in there 
how we're there for each other
through the good and the bad
the ugly and the sad
i just wanted to say
thank you

April 19, 2011

but why mom....

why is it snowing again
you said spring was here

you said your bad ass self found it and that you'd kicked winter to the curb
for good

i'm not sure if i can trust you or the weatherman ever again

what. a treat. did you say treat. 
did you say a treat will make everything better or are you pulling my leg
"little miss spring is here oh lah di dah"

maybe i'll just go back to bed and sleep until june

April 18, 2011

my bad ass self....

anyone who knows me 
will tell you that it's next to impossible for me to not smile
when i decided yesterday 
that i was going off in search of spring
since it's not coming to me
i had to dress for the role
no smile
{as i was in work mode with a job in front of me}
all add up to and equal
my bad ass self

immediately i found a yard full of these dancing blue flowers
i smiled 

then there was this purple bud

this totally cool bud
standing proud like the olympic torch

these little white flowers caught my eye
since there were hundreds of them
this fuzzy wuzzy was a bear
was waving at me
or whatever you call this 
{it looks like seashells hanging on for dear life to me}
isn't necessarily springy
i loved it
to find tulips someplace other than the flower section at whole foods
let me tell you what a treat that was
this bud looks similar to the purple one above
it was different
maybe they're relatives

now i want to go back and steal this planter
i pretty much love her
she's not smiling
i guess she's a bad ass planter 

April 17, 2011

there you have it...

after talking about what my day yesterday would look like
~all while being effusive~ 
one of you asked me to take my camera along
i did
{from this angle my close set eyes make me look cross eyed. thanks hubby. love you}

here i am
the glitter workshop
making my bracelet

the room lighting wasn't enough for me at this point
i had to wander over to the lamp to see my jump rings
{old age setting in}


all of that
i, for the life of me, could not get the link for the glitter workshop to work correctly
if you want more information about the store and the workshops or make and takes
which is what this was
just google her