March 8, 2009

walking when it's warm....

It always amazes me how I can drive the same route
so many times
never see anything
the area we live in is filled with parks
when it's warm enough to enjoy them
we're out at our cottage
so they never get my
our weather last week really teased me
off I went in search of anything
to my surprise
I came across this neighborhood park all tucked away
I loved it
the ice on the lake was melting in the afternoon sun
the ground was spongy
the sky felt warm with a new shade of blue
the winter berries screamed my name
the birds were singing in a sound only heard in early spring
I had found a new park
that will be calling my name over and over again


  1. Very cool shots! Don't you just love findings new things?

  2. what a wonderful find! great processing on your shots - I love how you treat them. I really love the berry shot.

  3. Love the pics! Especially the winter berries. You know what the look of these pictures reminds me of, color photos from the 1950's. Gorgeous!

  4. So, so beautiful. Especially the last picture. I just adore cherry red and pale blue. You make me happy, friend.

  5. thanks for sharing the park such quiet beauty. kt

  6. I love unexpected new things like that too! And then I love to check back in all the seasons to see the changes. BTW- I loved your comments on Angelica's posts- I felt bad we busted her on her pretty outdoors picture when it was really raining buckets!

  7. strange for me to see a REAL park (meaning with REAL trees as opposed to the occasional palm tree stuck in a corner) ... gorgeous, too, I really miss this. Love the berries but REALLY love that bird house way up on the pole. Beth has a new playland!

  8. Spongy ground -- isn't it the best? May be muddy but oh, what a good sign it is!

    Love these photos -- I just found some very old slides and the color has changed so they look much like your manipulated photos. I love that look. Very nice!


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