March 24, 2009

my boy peeps

they would shoot
I would shoot
{my camera}
they would miss
I would miss
they would laugh
I would laugh
the smell of gun powder
my boys smiling
the wind in our hair
a little swearing
a little sweating
lots of walking
was a good day


  1. sounds like a wonderful day for sure!!! love the collage with them in it.

  2. I like how you were all "shooting". I don't think I realized you lived in St. Charles. I absolutley LOVE Geneva and used to go there all the time for shopping. It has totally changed in the last few years. It is all built up down by the Little Traveler tons of new stores and places- it is way different, but still fun.

  3. Are they skeet shooting? I used to love doing that! Sure looks like a beautiful day ...

  4. Hi Beth,

    Glad you all had a good day. Very nice new header too!

    Thank you for my latest header. I shall keep it for some time in the future when the urge for another change occurs!

  5. Gotta love some male bonding!!

  6. My guy and your guys would get along beautifully. So? When are we going shooting together? Their kind, and ours.


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