February 28, 2009

at least they were whispering.....

"hey you guys, quiet...I hear someone coming and if it's another photographer
for cripes sake, I hope she has bread crumbs for us"
"yep, just like I thought....what is it with these people....they walk down here
with a camera and an attitude
like we should enjoy their company as much as they enjoy ours
yet they bring absolutely nothing for us to eat
and I don't know about you martha
but I'm getting tired of this crap"

"oh shut up already mildred and dance for the nice camera lady"
"she didn't even know we'd be here today and she looks really nice and if you'd just shut up long enough to let her get a few pictures, I know she'll bring more food than we can ever eat the next time she stops by"
guess where I'm going back to tomorrow


  1. Hi Buff! These pictures, along with the commentary, are beautiful and sooo funny all at the same time! Keep up the good work my darling daughter! You make me proud!!

    Love ya! Mom

  2. Oh this is good! Great story with the pics...needed this smile today. Also, thank you for your comment on my blog today...glad to know I am not alone :). The encouragement always helps!

  3. you are so funny ~what a smile you gave me thanks dear! ELK

  4. :) I'm so glad that someone else voices animals too as she's photographing them. Ducks always sound like they are complaining to me.

    great shots.

  5. I absolutely love the colors! The water is so blue, the greens and yellows on the ducks just pop! Way cool!

  6. i love your adventurous imagination!

  7. they look a little lomo-ized. :-) and i love the story. i hope they talk to you some more tomorrow.

  8. Ha! I dunno about geese, but the ducks at the pond near where I live (it's at the side of an office complex) really really like Cheese-Its, so that's what I take with me when I go visit.

  9. You are making me laugh and laugh. Mildred is my favorite. Some days, I'm Mildred. Gripe, gripe, fuss. Then I dance anyway.

  10. Who knew that ducks say "crap" and "shut up" also? What a relief!

  11. I love your take on your photography adventures! if only ducks could talk...that would be exactly what they's say! Have fun tomorrow!


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