March 2, 2009

can you feel it?

spring is just around the corner
so I've been told
{although under my breath I'm still bitching out winter}
to help myself
appreciate what's coming in a few weeks

I'm shooting
playing over here
camera lovers don't panic and think there's a new way to actually take pictures
that's going to help save our planet
the way taking your own shopping bags to the grocery store does
{hint hint}
we're just all finding things
taking pictures
hopefully lifting our "living in antartica hearts" out of the sludge of winter
into the tender warmth of spring
"I feel my boots trying to leave the ground, I feel my heart pumping hard. I want
to think again of dangerous and noble things. I want to be
improbable beautiful and afraid of nothing
as though I had wings"
~mary oliver~


  1. gorgeous!
    the first is breathtaking.

    thanks for the link.
    i went over and said i want to play, too.

  2. such a gentle peaceful green!

  3. You would just love where I live I think. It's raining today, but the temp. is 62%. Everything is budding,about 3 weeks early, I might add! I am surounded by Nut & Fruit orchards. Almonds, Peaches cherries & walnuts...Oh and grapes. As soon as it quits raining, and if light permites, I promise to talk a walk around and shoot some pictures of my own to share with you. I think you'll enjoy them(I hope you'll enjoy them). I can't make winter any easier on you or more fleet footed, But I can share some of the splender that is my home ground.

  4. I'm so excited that spring is upon us!! beautiful green.

  5. Awesome pics! I can't wait for spring! It'll be here before we know it!

  6. I can't wait for spring...typed as the flurries are still falling- ugh! Your pictures make me believe it's coming!

  7. Your indoor green is so much lovelier than mine. I just threw out two more that didn't make it over the winter. But soon...!

  8. Sweetheart, did you see sun shinning, while it was snowing today?? You might have missed it up there.

    The sun you caught in these pictures are lovely.

  9. such


    truly beautiful


  10. spring has to be headed your way because autumn is saying hello to us.

    enjoy these unfolding moments.

  11. such beauty you capture! i love these green shots!

    spring?!! ha! two snow days in a row here.... and it has been crazy cold! but i am thankful for the sunlight pouring through the windows, yes, i am! i just would be even more thankful if i could open the windows and have warm air pour in, too! ;-)

    together we will get through this! xoxo


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