April 24, 2008

who are you really ?

{this is crazy, 3 posts with today's date}
Okay, here goes.
This is me.
Or as least, half of me.
Have you ever noticed that most of the blogs
we read
are "faceless" {gasp!}
In my mind I conjure up what I think everyone looks like,
the same way I do with characters in the books I read
and every now and then
there will be a post on someone's blog
where we finally get to see what they look like,
and then I'm like, "no, that's not you....
you have blonde hair, not brown
and you can't be that tall."
Do you ever do the same thing ?
Well, Toni has started a revolution
as far as I'm concerned.
She posted LOTS of pictures....of herself....
on her blog...
and I think she's amazing for doing so !!
So come on people....
let us see who you are !!
Show yourself off.
Smile for the camera !!
{and if I'm really brave, I'll post more pictures of myself tomorrow or the next day or the next....I'm just not photogenic AT ALL and I really hate pictures of me....so this takes alot of my inner strength....so if I can do it, can you do it ??}


  1. I might do it....

    I might be too scared to do it...

    I really wish I was prettier.....

    I know, I know, we are not supposed to say stuff like that, but that is the way I feel..........

    You look gorgeous!!!!! You always do!

    I will think about doing this....I could do the shoe one though!

  2. Beth you're so cute, stop it! You look a smidge like the young, Mary Poppins age Julie Andrews in this, just a wee smidge, and I LOVE YOUR CHIN!!! See, I want to go do another canvas of this photo. I already post pictures of my feet cuz me and my soul-sis, Miss V, have an ongoing footwar ... last night my youngest decided he needed to take pictures of me (he's taking a Digital photography class) ... pfft. so more of 'me' may be cropping up! I'll take MUCH more of you, too!!

  3. beth - so fun to hop over to your blog....and i'm loving this post. i agree, everyone should have a photo of themselves on their blog, and lots of them. i also think real first names should be obvious somewhere. since this is my first time here i wanted to say i love the "just this once" post too.

  4. ALWAYS love to see You. Rare yes....but love to see you. And you are right, I love seeing pictures of bloggers too and having an ah HA moment of seeing who they are. Although...you can' really know who they are. But it is fun to see the physical I agree !

    What is Laura talking about - too scared to do it ?
    And wishing she was prettier ? !! EE GADS get over to her blog QUICK and tell her how BEEEAUTIFUL she is.

    I won't tell who but I had a blog friend and there was one blog that she was constantly posting herself...and this is BAD ... but we called her The Big Head....and everytime she posted HERSELF again in portrait one of us sent out a Big Head Alert. I know I am going to hell for this..but there it is. Gossip Blogging. Proof that the dynamics of any group - cyber or otherwise, will still pan out as they did in junior high ...And I am not proud of this! Only confessing.

    Alllll ah'm sayin' IZ - some folks really love themselves ! laughing. And maybe there is NOTHING wrong with that. A blog is a good place to Express Yourself !!! right ?


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth