April 21, 2008

There's worse things I could have done

It's not what it looks like....
okay, maybe it is,
but it's not really my fault.
Well, maybe a little.
I mean he was already dead.
I found him on the side of the road.
After having taken a class with LK Ludwig
at the fabulous Valley Ridge last year
and seeing the gorgeous pages she made using bird wings....
well, I decided I needed birdwings, too.
And so my search started.
The bad thing is that most dead birds are flat
and smooshed when you find them....
totally useless for any kind of art project.
So imagine how thrilled I was when I came across
a dead bird
in perfect condition.
Well, not totally perfect,
as he was dead.
But he was perfect for me.
I was on my way to the cottage
when I found him.
I rounded a corner and there he was.
Now stop scrunching up your face thinking that I'm a freak....
only my family is allowed to think such things about me !!!!
So I picked up the dead bird...
yes, with my bare hands
and threw him in the back of my SUV
{and like I knew this could actually happen someday,
I actually had a garbage bag to put him in}
and happily drove to the cottage,
with a big smile on my face,
so anxious to show my hubby the present I had to share with him.
"Buff.....you're a freak," he said,
as I pulled the dead
red-headed woodpecker out of the garbage bag...
And then just like I knew he would,
he held the bird for me
while I clipped his wings off with a pair of scissors.
And then my sister called
and I told her the bird story
and she called me a freak.
And when I came back home from the cottage,
I showed the kids and told them the story
and they called me a freak
and then laughed alot !!!
And sometimes isn't that what life is all about ?
Having your family call you a freak,
while knowing
that deep down inside
they wouldn't trade you for a million bucks !!!!


  1. What a great find! A red headed woodpecker that is! Poor little man, but now the vessel of his bird soul will be used to make art! What an amazing tribute! Even if you do pick up road-kill, your still alright in my book!

  2. Hey freak girl (smile). I am reading LK's book right now so I totally *get* the need to have these wings. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  3. Hmmmm.....what you won't do for your art!!!!

    It will be interesting to see how this little birdies wings end up...

    Keep us posted!

  4. Honey, there probably isn't a mixed media artist among your blog readers who wouldn't love to get their grubby little paws on those wings, me included! And a red-headed woodpecker -- I'm NOT going to tell this tale to the woodpecker who lives in the big palm tree just across the back alley from us. Do you have an art piece already in mind, or are you going to ponder the wings for inspiration?

  5. The things we do for art! I haven't gone quite that far, but hey, I'd probably do it if I'd had the class and got the idea! (I think I would have had emotional issues clipping the wings, but not using them!)

  6. The things we do for art! I haven't gone quite that far, but hey, I'd probably do it if I'd had the class and got the idea! (I think I would have had emotional issues clipping the wings, but not using them!)

    Now, you must promise us to post the artistic creation that uses these. (Did you name the bird?)

  7. as one who proudly carries around a zebra purse, i can't really criticize. i always say the poor zebra was going to die anyway and this way i enjoy him every single day. better to make something beautiful of that bird, right? i'll be checking back to see what it is, so i hope you share it! :-)

  8. Gag! and hurray for you! (mixed emotions). I have a hard enough time cutting off butterfly wings!

  9. i do not think you are a freak, but i do not think i would had touched it with my hands, thus always carry small bags in car to cover your hands or have julie do it..hehehe...good find, very proud of you...

  10. The last line was super. My sister-in-law does the same thing!
    She puts them in the freezer; finding an intact one is troublesome.

  11. I so can't wait to see what you come up with!

    I agree with you. Thank God for my family. They don't always get me, but they always love me. Thanks for that reminder.

  12. Hi! :)

    Thank you so much for visiting me so I could find you!
    I have spent the last hour reading through your posts...laughing out loud. You are so funny!!!!

    I adore you, and your blog, and I will be back again and again.

    So wonderful to meet you :)


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