April 24, 2008

Just a day, just an ordinary day

a day where I showered
immediately after I woke up
a day where I picked out
my favorite outfit to wear to sculpting class
a day where I pushed
myself to use the 10 lb weights
and still didn't sweat
a day where with a quick stop at the grocery store
I made a perfect salad from the salad bar
that was mostly garbanzo beans and hard boiled eggs
a day where I opened all the windows
to let the air swish around
a day where I made dinner, in the late morning,
for us and some neighbors
a day where I still couldn't touch raw hamburger
with my bare hands
a day where my kitchen had so many dishes to wash
but with the sun shining, it didn't matter
a day where I put my bird wings
in Borax to preserve them
a day where it was too beautiful to stay inside
any longer
a day where I had to run to the vet's office
for a new summer dose
of preventative flea/tick medication
a day where I took Sophie
to the neighborhood dog park
and we took our time
walking and seeing
a day where I savored every bite
of my salad bar salad
drenched in blue cheese dressing
a day when the weather forces you to
wear bare toes with your jeans
a day where I sat outside reading
my book in the afternoon sun,
while the barn swallows let me know
they didn't like me
a day where I listened to music
instead of the televison
a day where the kids made me laugh
with their adult sense of humor
a day where I delivered dinner
to our neighbors
and they were thankful
a day where my hubby
told me I was cute
and then he nibbled on my ear
a day where our dinner tasted
extra yummy and seconds were needed
a day where I was exhausted
by 8pm
a day....an ordinary day
and for that
I'm so very thankful
{this was inspired by mccabe.....
who always inspires me with her writing, photos and kindness}


  1. NOW I think you're weird: you can cut wings off a dead woodpecker but you don't like to handle raw hamburger meat? LUCY?!!! You got some 'splainin' to do!!! (LOL) Meanwhile, garbanzo beans (mmmmmmmm) and blue cheese (mmmmmmmmmmm) and kids with adult senses of humor and dinners that require seconds, LOVE THOSE. P.S. I do hope your flea & tick meds take care of the problem (tee hee)

  2. lovely,

    and i totally dig the above photo.
    it so is joyful!!!

    with love,
    mccabe x

  3. what a lovely day! bliss...
    here's to more days like that one.


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