April 15, 2008

hear what you say

Didn't you all grow up feeling really special
when your mom or dad would utter...
sweetly under their breath
or as a whisper in your ear...
sometimes even with a roll of their eyes
because they had given up a bit
the best
three words
a child could ever hear ?
not "I love you"
although that's nice, too
but sometimes used too often
What I'm talking about is even better
and as a parent myself
I remember when my kids were little
and I would take their hand in mine
and I could see
the light in their big eyes looking up at me~
and feel
the softness in their souls~
and I would melt
in the tiny upward curve of their lips~
when I would quietly say those three words
"just this once"
and it was like we had just shared something magical
because as a child
is so often heard
but if it is replaced by
"just this once"
then you have just
said something
that someone
will remember


  1. You are so right. Those are special words that make anything feel like a forbidden pleasure. Nicely written.

  2. How true. That's really lovely -- and I remember that as well. Takes me back! Just this once. Very nice.

  3. YES!
    This is so it.
    I had just such a day with my son, moments of just this once. It was magical.


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