April 13, 2008

follow my steps carefully and at your own risk.....

Step 1.
Start with a very handsome man who goes along with any wild idea that you might have
and is really good with paint and measurements
Step 2.
After handsome man has painted your wild idea,
stand back and watch
Step 3.
Let handsome man know that one letter from wild idea
is slightly off and has to be moved
Step 4.
Give a big hug to handsome man for a fabulous job that couldn't have
been done without him
{and promise him hot sex for later that evening
knowing that this will secure all future
wild ideas to also be completed}


  1. Great word! Great project! I'm loving it. Your hubby truly is a hottie, too -- you guys really go together (you with your rock-hard tush!). Here's MY problem -- all Double BB has to do is show up and I'm thinking [or doing] hot sex, so I never have that to hold out as a promise. Hmmmm. What to do?

  2. It is evident that your high school sweetheart is still smitten for you. It's great to have a handy man willing to make your dreams and creations come true. I am sure you do the same for him.

  3. Love this!!!!!! Where did you get the letters?? Is this downstairs? or at the cottage?

    Um...I guess I know what you are doing tonight....I know it won't be tomorrow night when AI is on. Does John read this blog?

  4. What a fun, romantic, and cozy post! Thanks for sharing "The Good Stuff" (stolen from a country western song by Brad Paisely).

  5. How wonderful to give yourself a standing order. Laugh. Yes. Tomorrow shall be a day of laughter and magic.

  6. Love it. :) I have that in my kitchen, in black. Gotta love the men that put up with our wild schemes.
    ( hugs )

  7. sex secures everything with a husband



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