April 26, 2008

it seems like it should be so easy.......

I'm still learning and
also appreciating
the laundry will always get done

my kids will never be any younger than they are today

getting nothing done can actually be a form of exercise

a great friend gives more than she takes

husbands need to be reminded how important they are

very few people will actually notice if I have make-up on or not
{even though I feel like I need to wear some everyday}

giving every now and then to the needy is not often enough

ignoring my family for a great TV show is bad

more people read my blog
than the number of comments that are left

cheese and crackers can be a meal

I will never look good in reading glasses

not finding clothes to fit will not be the end of the world

tennis shoes will never look sexy but will always feel good

that my heart will always be the strongest muscle in my body

that my years as a CASA were life changing

being friends with your kids comes after parenting them
I'm not too old to take a hip-hop body jam dance class
with my daughter

vintage and old are two very different things

finding your soul mate only happens once in a lifetime

fresh air can act as a sleeping aid

my grandma ruby lived her life as a guardian angel in disguise

I used to be a good runner

my dreams are getting more vivid
my childhood memories are too few

I'll never be able to tan like I used to

I think I could have been a great nurse

I could eat pizza every day

polka dots always look cool

geography just isn't something I'll ever be good at

you can never take too many pictures of your kids

words can really hurt
you can't have too many books

pap smears are necessary
but that will never make me enjoy them

a day without laughing is bad
we are who we are
and we have to guard that with everything we have


  1. Loving this. So real.


  2. A little Mary Kay Subtle Tanning Lotion is just what you need! Visit my website at www.marykay.com/trixboth
    You write the best stuff and what appears to be in such an effortless manner! LOVE IT!

  3. I love this pic.... I need to read the post but the picture was so beautiful I got ahead of myself and wanted to post a comment and say hello.......

    Have a great week.

    Angelica Torrez

  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog today!

  5. I adore this list.
    letting myself know what I know, embrace what I know, is so liberating.
    your depth is matched only by your lightness of heart. A perfect blend. :)

  6. I've read this a total of 27 times, didn't want to comment at first because every time I read it, I was learning something. Kinda still feels that way. This is really good stuff, Beth, said in that straight-up voice your writing conveys.

  7. I love your stream of consciousness posts--they speak to us all.

  8. How do you do it ?

    Have so many revelations at once this way ?

    I mean it takes me a year to figure out one !

    I loved reading thru these. I smiled, I laughed, I nodded alot.

    So glad you shared.


  9. AnonymousMay 01, 2008

    Sublimely true. A thesis on wisdom.

  10. I love this post. True and honest and wise. I feel inspired to write my own ... someday. For now, I will content myself with linking to yours so that my friends can also benefit from your wisdom.

  11. So much wisdom here! Love this!

  12. beth could we please have tea together sometime?

  13. as a collector and photographer of clotheslines, this photo rocks my world, as does this list of beautiful revelations!


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