April 10, 2008

The last lecture.....

I'm hoping all of you have had the chance to see
"the last lecture"
Randy Pausch is an amazing man
and has taught thousands of people how to live,
even though he is dying.
So after many tears last night watching him on TV,
and puffy eyes this morning as a result,
this is what I found in my in-box.....
Today you are You, that is truer than true
There is no one alive
who is Youer than You
dr. seuss
{makes you think, huh ?}


  1. Oh, Beth!!! I'm SO GLAD you posted this link; I caught only about 15 minutes last night and was intrigued. Now I can go home and watch it tonight. THANKS! You really ARE YOUER than YOU ... and I love it!

  2. My friend sent this to me.
    It is inspiring and humbling and courageous.
    Thank-you for posting about it here.

  3. Thanks for sharing Randy's story. Such an inspiration, his website can be found here:


  4. Oh my gosh! I saw it! Inspiring to the nth degree! I am running out to buy his book and hope I can put a little of his wisdom into my life. What a wonderful man.

  5. you go, beth..you are a spitfire in action and i always want you on my side...love you!

  6. I watched this yesterday and just about lost my mind. I love that he's not even a little bit teary until the very last line, which just drives it all home even more. My hurt hurts from the squeezing.

  7. What an AMAZING umbrella!! I want one! I'm going to follow the link - thank you!!

  8. This was unbelievable. I taped it -- about 10 minutes in -- because I thought, "I think there's going to be something in here I'll need to revisit." I know I'll be revisiting it again.

    Great post.


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