April 5, 2008

color me happy.......

it was 64 degrees here today,
and this is how it made me feel inside !


  1. oh man, what a great feeling!!!! Feeling like a bunch of great colors, you can't beat that!!!!

    Hope it is 65 degrees for you today!!!!!!!!!!

    lots of love

  2. Hooray! You're getting there. Meanwhile, I love crayons to the point that your photo got me giggling.

  3. I love, love, love this! I always adored crayons -- I need tobuy a box! This photo just totally made me smile!

  4. I love that picture and know the feeling--I think I need to go buy a box of crayons today and celebrate!

  5. hellooooooo.....

    We have been having great weather her in MO, but it's about to change again tomorrow.... Thunderstorms with hail in some areas.... At least I got to enjoy today and this past weekend. it was beautiful.

    Hope your wonderful weather continues!


    Angelica torrez


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