July 6, 2009

time for me to confess....

I spent the long holiday weekend in colorado
with my love
call me a weenie
but I feel a little uneasy letting the entire world know that
"I'm not home"
by announcing it here
does that make me odd
I can't begin to tell you or show you everything we did
or describe how it felt to be in my hubby's arms after a month apart
but it was wonderful
as the days go on
I'll throw in some photos here and there
that will make you smile and hopefully make you laugh
maybe even make you want to take a vacation out west
thanks alicia
for being so smart
there is a flickr pool for bench monday
now all of you can play along with me
it can be addictive
as I said a few times too many to my hubby
while climbing up on something
handing him the camera
"just my legs"
it's been tough to pick a winner out of the comments that were left
{we were at garden of the gods}
I love a contest
I'm calling it a tie between
{colorado springs was right}
{pikes peak was the next day so you were so close}
{girls~I need your snail mail addresses}
I apologize for not being able to catch up on all your blogs while I was gone
as I didn't want to take time away from my hubby with my face in the laptop typing away
on a rainy afternoon
I did get to play and read a little bit
just enough to keep me in the loop
so now I'm off to figure out just exactly what I'm going to make out of "my new little space"
by the way
I'm still open for suggestions
throw them at me
even if you think they're a little odd
I like odd


  1. Oh lovely, it sounds like you had a wonderful time away with your husband...and well deserved 8)

  2. Aha! I knew it was Colorado (I just didn't want to say...)-lol! I am glad yo got some well- derserved time with Hubby~ I am sure you had a fabulous time!

  3. So glad you had time in the mountains with your man ! So well-deserved for both of you after a month apart !Bet there was some lovely smooching going on there...ain't love grand ?

    "Weird is wonderful" was what it said on my t-shirt that I had made for myself at 15 at the mall - black with a heat-transfer of an eye crying rainbow tears on the front and bold white felt letters on the back. Still think it is true. ;) Wish I still had that t-shirt...
    Happy Homemaking !

  4. oh I am so glad you were together this is a lovely image beth! does he love his new job?

  5. AnonymousJuly 07, 2009

    how lovely to be back together - even for a short while!

  6. always nice to read about a happy holiday.

    take care and don't blog too much.

    best wishes

  7. Yippee! I feel like a winner today!

    Love the picture of bliss that lights your faces! Almost don't even notice the surroundings.

  8. Ooooo I should have known that was Colorado with those red rocks!! (while I was there last week, I was telling my husband how you were moving there... He really wants to go there after New York.)

  9. OK, now I'm reading backwards and I think I missed something. But I sure didn't miss that fabulous photo of you two -- you're stunning together!

  10. No, you're not odd because you don't want to broadcast being away. Well, you may be odd, but that's not the reason...

    I love that you had time with your honey! It sounded like a love story coming to life that bit about a month and then you're in his arms...sigh....

    But, since it's all about me, as you know...I'm awfully glad to have you back.

  11. Aren't the two of you adorable! I am so glad you had fun!

  12. You are such a great-looking couple!

  13. I so would not have told either. Just to have that peace of mind. but yummy - reunions are always fantastic.

  14. Looks like you had a wonderful time...isn't it nice to be away some where with the one you love?

  15. I completely understand about not wanting to announce you are away from home - the internet is big, big, and full of friendly people and who knows what else. SO glad you got to spend quality time with your sweety!

  16. It is not odd. It is beautiful. all should be so lucky to be loved, to love and be in love after so much time together.

  17. trying not to be envious of your getaway! :(

    you two are the cutest couple ever, i think. {except for brac and me, of course.}

  18. AnonymousJuly 11, 2009

    Your husband reminds me ever so slightly of Richard Gere, I think it's the mouth and the eyes :-)

    You look so great together!

  19. I was only apart from Jeffrey for two weeks and it made me crazy. I can imagine who delighted you were to be with your man again.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth