July 12, 2009

I was determined to do good...

has been working on an amazing project
when she asked if I would be interested in helping her
let's just say
I was honored
this is how it goes
she sent me two dollars
asking me to do something with it
that would hopefully make the difference in the life of someone
then if at all possible
document it for her
the two dollars were burning a hole in my pocket
while I kept looking and listening and watching and waiting for a perfect opportunity
then yesterday
after I had exhausted myself at
~art fair on the square~

I headed down state street a bit
to do what I love to do
~people watch~
came across these two boys
who were just starting to unzip the cases protecting their guitars

then out came the
"saving for california"
I was hooked
I started the pot
throwing the two dollars dani trusted me with
into the open guitar case
{actually tucking it under the sign as the wind was blowing important things around}
stood back and listened
to two fabulous dueling acoustic guitars
while a latin beat danced in my head

watched others
after 15 minutes
their case was cradling ten dollars
I slowly walked away with a huge smile on my face
thinking to myself
how often lately I feel like I've been in the right place at the right time
if this just happens all on its own
if it's possible to create these scenarios yourself
whatever it is
I feel blessed
if you're wondering
the oldest one of these boys reminded me so much of john mayer
the charismatic and amazingly talented younger one
I just wanted to take home due to his extreme cuteness
I'm also playing over here today


  1. I always think that when the universe send you those perfect moments or scenarios, it is because you are on the right path, doing what is good for your being and then good for your world. UI could hear the music is your photos ! What beautiful, beautiful boys !

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time Beth, now when you say you are playing, it that with your camera or above your many talents are you musically inclined as well. Take care and have a great Sunday.

  3. What an amazing idea~ and I think it is woderful that you are recognizing that you are in the right place at the right time. Send some of that down here please... Did you ever see the movie August Rush? Your pictures remind me of the movie.

    Was that Madison? I assume so b/c of the Capitol building. I hear they have a wonderful Farmer's Market- my friend in Rockford frequents it a lot.

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. This takes me straight back to my wedding day. We had a garden wedding and we decided that we wanted guitars as my husband is guitar crazy. We found two Spanish dualists who were simply incredible and while we lazily and happily visited with our guests under the big oak trees, their music filled our ears. They even played the Spanish Wedding March for us when we arrived there after our photos.

    Thank you for taking me back...

  5. More fun than can normally be had for 8 quarters, huh????

  6. this is so PERFECT, beth! hearing back from you warms my heart this morning...and i know that those boys hearts were warmed as you put the money in their jar too. it always makes me so happy to see kids out at the farmer's market playing for a purpose! this post will go up on the power of two site today...and then my plan is to make another power of two video about the donation and all the other people it touched. i'll keep you posted! (:

  7. i can't stop looking at the pics! that little guys face is so great! he's so into the music that he's playing.

  8. This is a wonderful story! I love this!!!

  9. blogger is acting to so weird.

    love these shots and congrats on finding your recipient. they look so into their music.

  10. What a great way to use the two dollars! Love all these pics!

  11. what a perfect way to spend two dollars! How brave of them, i would be too shy! They sound wonderful and I hope they make it to Califoria! I am sure they will and you have helped them on their way in a brand new adventure in life!

  12. I often believe we create our own lives with out attitude towards it.

    Lovely to recognise a special moment.

    Awesome idea.

    thanks for sharing

  13. Perfect way to share a little kindness! The younger boy is rocking that guitar. Love that you photographed this. :)

  14. As happy as they were to get the 2 bucks, it seems giving was possibly more beneficial to you than to them.Giving does produce a nice feeling, doesn't it?

    It may not have been an ophanage in a far away land that you assisted, but in some way that act could have been jusy as important.
    You never know.

  15. Great post - it is good to be reminded to stop and enjoy. So often I race past buskers in the city because I am busy. When I am with my son he always make me stop and listen and of course put in some money. He just loves doing that. Great reminder - thanks :)

  16. How perfect! I love your blog!

  17. AnonymousJuly 13, 2009

    What a perfect way to donate those $2.00 :-)

  18. Great choice of sharing the $2. I always love listening to street performers share their talents, be so free and open with the music.

  19. How fantastic!! wonderful story, and great photos. Gosh, right place, right time...does the universe sometimes conspire to present them to us I wonder?

  20. Love it! And a good cause, too!

  21. What a great cause to give the $2 to.
    Thanks for this touching story. I really enjoyed the read.

    Your previous post also makes me feel week at the knees. Who lucky and blessed you are to have someone so special in your life.

  22. Some years from now, you'll be watching some awards show... & see one or both walk up to the podium!


  23. Sweet serendipity, huh Beth?

  24. I think it's that whole noticing thing I'm always talking about. Magic happens to you because you are looking for it.


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