July 16, 2009

but of course...

you didn't think I'd do a senior photo shoot and forget a jumping photo did you
this is her best friend
who came along on the shoot to help if I needed a someone to hold my sun shield and
she was a doll
who I found out half way into our session
happens to be the daughter of a girl I graduated from high school with
~small world~
too fun


  1. yay for jumping ! Always a good idea - especially with your BFF ! ;)

  2. AnonymousJuly 16, 2009

    i should try some jumping photos - never hav done that.

  3. I take jumping photos ALL of the time! I have one of my daughter and her BFF on my current post, too! And an earlier one called "She Always Knew She Could Fly."

    Aren't they fun! Wish I could jump that high :-)

  4. AnonymousJuly 16, 2009

    Ahh, to be young and jumping!

  5. Jumping? What is jumping??? Do people do it and like it? I think I must explore this further...

  6. Oh and thats nice. I am with Holly on the jumping though. take care, cinner

  7. jumping is so much fun

    so sweet - so whimsical

  8. Boy can she jump high! Great shot!

  9. Ok, where did you hide the trampoline?

  10. I'm so glad you got the bff shot. I don't have any pics of me from the high school period, really. . . the originals were destroyed in a fire in my mom's garage after I left home. I do have a couple of reproductions of shots of senior year cheer squad. But everything else is just ashes and memories.

  11. That's the best PR move ever. Nothing sells a senior pic photographer than word of mouth and when TWO girls talk about the cool photographer... that's good.

  12. Cutie pies! How fun for them, and I love how her friend was able to help too!
    So, today my son Dylan was watching his favorite surf movie, and there is a part about Sheboygen? (I can't spell it) Where they surf the lake! Is that anywhere near you?

  13. I love that shirt her friend is wearing...

    Makes me remember back to when I was jumping around all silly with my girlfriends... Time does fly, doesn't it?

  14. I spent my evening two days ago on the trampoline with my daughter and three nieces. I took tons of jumping pictures. And thought of you.


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