July 25, 2009

harder than I thought....

I said "yes" to a blog challenge
not thinking for a minute that it might be hard
that it could actually be a difficult
{hence the word challenge}
asked us to play along with her
it's called
"inside plus outside"
where you put photos side by side of where the colors
from somewhere inside your home
your outside world

the first set of photos is our cottage
almost at a birds eye view
which is actually just from us climbing the hill next to us and shooting down at it
then a shot of my studio
which is not at the cottage but at my house
{is that considered cheating}
to go with the black and white theme
then a shot of a bird's egg
which I thought was the same color as the floor on the three season porch at the cottage
until I got them side by side
not so much
I'm not very good at this game
at least I tried
now it's your turn if you're up for the challenge
come on
you know you want to try it
just to show me that you can do better than my pathetic attempt at it
I'd love to see what you come up with
so would katy


  1. AnonymousJuly 25, 2009

    Beth i am digging what you came up with! this is harder than i thought it would be!! thanks for playing along. kt

  2. Very creative! You actually made it look easy. Good Job!

  3. Well, all right then~

  4. i might have to come live with you. i want a cottage and a gorgeous house! it's so perfect!

  5. This sounds like fun! The batteries in my camera died, but once I buy a fresh set I just might try this (that is, of course, if my sieve-like brain retains this information).

    Most likely, I'll fail miserably.

    And whether or not you're disqualified for the cottage/studio picture - I like what you came up with very much. I never in a million years would have thought the floor to my three season porch (if I had one) matched the shell of a robin's egg. That is a robin's egg, isn't it? No, robin's eggs are speckled. I think. I don't know. Moving on...

    Way to go!

  6. love the robin's egg and the flooring pair. i am going to look for a match around here. ummmmm.....

  7. there's that awesome floor you were telling me about! what a neat challenge. i would have loved to play, too. it's a great idea.

  8. Okay, I did it. Come and give me some help!

  9. Not so pathetic. I think these are great!

  10. Hi, Just stopped by from Holly's so see your pics too.

    I LOVE the blue floor in your cottage!!!!! I want one of those :-) And the egg is perfect!

    Have a fun weekend.

  11. i am so pleased to see a beautiful photo of your cottage..i like the way the duets turned out!

  12. You did a beautiful job...better than I ever could!

  13. not so much? disagree ... and really LOVE the balance between the first 2 photos.

  14. what are you doing blogging when your sweetie is home??

    (beautiful shots though)

  15. OK, this is a toughie and I'm going to have to think about it. But I think you did aces!

  16. love the hue of the robin's egg and the floor. simply dazzling.


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