July 2, 2009

ready to fly...

right before jack was ready to leave for camp
this baby robin
fresh out of his nest
came by for a little visit
determined to spend his day on the bumper of jack's jeep
in a crouched position
I crept closer and closer to this precious baby
all the while thinking at any moment in his off balanced way
he'd take off and fly right at my face
but he didn't
he kept his brown eyes wide open
before I knew it I was in a full
"who's going to blink first"
I won
only because I looked huge and scary
to this little feathered love
I mean really
can you even imagine what was going through his tiny head
as I kept getting closer and closer
he was probably thinking
"momma told me there would be days like this"
what he didn't know was that he had blessed me with some great photos
that I couldn't help but play with once I looked at them
a little layering~a little texturing
you know how it goes
for something new
this weekend
while you're all watching fireworks
playing with sparklers
filling picnic baskets
I'm inviting you all over
to my
that I'm going to be blowing bubbles in for a few days
while I'm on the road
a little nudge a little poke
especially if the "post options" works
{which has been on the fritz for me lately}
hopefully adding it to my life on a regular basis
once I get back


  1. AnonymousJuly 02, 2009

    what precious photos you have captured! lovely!

  2. Cute, huh? Just been to your new place and am all ready to explore!

  3. so sweet...what's this? a new place?

  4. oh, my gosh!!! i just noticed the new blog on your profile page—before i even read this post. i CAN NOT wait to go see what it is all about. i barely have the patience to finish typing this comment! :)

    cute birdies—love the texture processing!

    i'm off to see what my flea market buddy has cooked up on her new blog! see ya later!

  5. See, another bird! They POSE for YOU! I love this one!

  6. I'm all in. Although, I have to be honest and admit, I'm a tad jealous as I don't know how anyone, not even such a fabulous one as you, can manage more than one flippin' blog.

    Now I think, not only do I love you, I'm jealous of you!!!!! So not right.

  7. Doing my happy dance here, too! I love it, and 'My Unmade Life', now THAT gives me chills, Mamacita.

    Safe travels, friend...

  8. AnonymousJuly 03, 2009

    these look like little paintings, well done! kt

  9. i am so loving
    your bird adventure,
    what great shots!


    they always fly away
    when i get close
    when i


    {{ thanks ever~so
    for popping into my blog!
    do drop in again! }}

    now going to peek around here...

  10. What a sweet little bird! And wonderful photos!
    I just read your post below this one, I am so glad you are OK! Scary!
    (I sent you some cards, so you should be getting a little something in the mail soon! :)
    xo Shell

  11. Jeanie's right, they do pose for you! I love the way you add texture to the photos. And thank you so much for helping me out with the links...I haven't tried it yet but you explained it so clearly I'm sure it'll work.

  12. I love the birdie and all you had to say about it! I always wonder what the bugs and birds and all that have to say as we creep in closer...

    Happy 4th!

  13. I love the little birdie, i am never quick enough to catch them in a shot. i have 2 bird baths and try and try...maybe ibe day...i liked your previous post meeting georgia, that would have been fun. take care, cinner

    Haappy 4th of July

  14. Lovely photos indeed (accompanied by beautiful words)...thanks for sharing them.

  15. beautiful baby robin pics...
    going to check out other blog now too.


  16. AnonymousJuly 04, 2009

    I love it when these little creatures are so obliging. Is the new place an added extra or will it become a new home?

  17. Wow one little robin can be so intriguing but thats the thing about life isnt it? I love your site

  18. Oh, he is so very sweet. So sweet!


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