July 15, 2009

teenagers can be great and this one was perfect...

senior pics

I had a senior photo shoot last week with this doll
she was amazing

a complete natural
doing anything I suggested without a complaint

the morning of the shoot I was a bit nervous
I actually felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach
as I was traveling to her little town 20 miles north of me
wondering if I would find
the amazing spots that dance in my head for shoots
but rarely exist
not only did I find alleys and graffiti and textured walls and painted doors
I also found an amazing city park
in one of the back alleys we were in
can you believe this
an old school desk just sitting there calling my name
I actually laughed out loud while looking up at the skies
thank you
as we were moving in for this next shot
I said
"is that a tattoo I see"
she sheepishly said
I told her we were going to highlight it
not hide it for this shot
so that someday
she'd be able to look back and love and laugh and lap up all that she was
I still have lots of editing to do
I continue to play with tones and colors
I want to add some textures to a few of the 256 photos I took
for now
here's my sneak peek that I've been so anxious to share with all of you


  1. Hi Beth,

    These are great! Did she come with her mobile wardrobe? I'm sure she'll be pleased.

  2. Very nice, you must of had fun with her...they turned out great.Have a great day...I like you found that desk. Cool,

  3. What fun ... the pictures show us how comfortable she was in her own skin (and that's hard when you're 18)and with you ... but that's no surprise. These will be treasured for a lifetime.

  4. you did a really nice job, beth!

  5. So, yes, the graffiti and the desk and her tie die with the graffiti and all of it.

    You know my wish for her? My wish for her is that when she's even close to my age, she'll still be able to locate that tatt...because if it were on me? It would be lost; hiding in a fold...so not pretty...

    But, these shots? I've come to expect absolutely nothing less from you! You Rock, and that's what she's going to be telling ALL of her friends and their Moms!

  6. She must have thought you were the coolest, hippest photographer EVER with the tattoo thing! Great photos, too -- I bet she's thrilled!

  7. These are so great! Sounds like such fun to do a photo shoot like this :)

  8. AnonymousJuly 15, 2009

    she's a natural... no doubt you made her feel so much at ease :)

  9. Great shots! Wish I was that confident at 18!

  10. You did a beautiful job! And you just knew she was cool when you saw her shirt right?! Eh naw! Dats Marley!
    She's beautiful.

  11. These are great Beth! I am sure she will love these! I LOVE the synchronicity of the desk, and the graffiti, etc. Just to tell you that you are indeed on the right path, doing what you are supposed to be doing in life :) Magical!

  12. Makes me wonder what you could do with my kids! I wouldn't have had the confidence at 18 to pose for a shoot, and I wouldn't have the confidence now at 40 to either pose or shoot!

    But your beetles.....yucky gucky!

  13. I found you through Kamana and was immediately taken in by your beautiful blog and equally beautiful photography. What a treat to find this waiting on me today!


  14. Well done Beth! She looks so youthful! Oh I am going to look at my past lives of photographs and remember those times! you really captured it!

  15. She must be a serious Hendrix fan?! Great job on the senior portraits, Beth. That has to be a fun change of pace, I imagine. And how lucky to fall upon the school desk. Can't wait to see more. & thanks for still stopping by my blog today even though I was a dimwit yesterday. ;)

  16. Beth, my friend!!!

    I've missed your images and words so much as I have been running around with my hair on fire lately! I've wondered how you've been, and then I come here today (thankfully, someone finally doused my hair, and I have a moment of calm) and see that you have absolutely captured another's essence once again! I am so happy for you and for this young woman, who will look back on these photos someday and say, "Man, I'd love to have all that in it's rightful place again!"

    Love you!!

  17. She is perfectly beautiful and it looks as if you've captured her spirit perfectly. What great locations! No wonder you sent up a prayer of gratitude.

  18. You caught her beauty, Lovely Beth ! You did it ! She will be so very proud of these shots as she carries them through her life.

  19. Oh but she's just the CUTEST little thing...and so COOL..diggin' the shirt

    And yeah....she's gonna want to have the cuteness of that tatt captured on film..wish someone had snapped a pic of my belly-button ring BEFORE I had kids....;)

    Her friends are gonna be GREEN!!


  20. Oh Beth - these are fabulous - I know she must be beyond thrilled with them. You have quite the knack for this.

  21. Now this is what I call graduation pictures! Not stuffy, natural and exactly who and where that young woman is in her life. Even the tat is fabulous...she'll smile years from now and tell her kids that Mom was a bit wild in her day! Kudos to you!

  22. Seniors are my favorites. Fun shots. She will love them.

  23. These are some cool senior portraits. The first shot Rocks and so does the shot with the Tattoo. I'm glad you didn't hide it. As it shows insight to who she is. You are so right - she will look back and loves these shots more and more thee older she gets. As they represent the young and carefree days.

  24. beeeeutiful photos of a beautiful girl.

    wow! 256 pics. she must be so pleased!

  25. your certainly captured her natural beauty!! she is really gorgeous! she will be proud of these senior pictures..xo

  26. treasured photos, for sure.

  27. I'd like to book you now for Sloane's senior pictures. It's about eleven years away, so you should have time to clear your schedule.


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