April 24, 2009

who are you and what did you do with beth ?

she's the girl who likes to process all her photos before she posts them

talks about that editing crap all the time

I'm right here
proud to be a member
{at least at the moment}
that's right
straight out of the camera
here's something totally cool
on that flower photo above
can you see the green bug
that is SO one of the little things that makes me smile for hours

this shot, like the last one
with my camera on the ground and no expectations
and the photos
only to be looked at once I get home
~pure love and happiness~
try it sometime
I promise you'll love it and you'll start shooting all the time from ankle level
just so you know what's been going on in this head of mine
actually plan on starting something soon called
ankle biters
a simple blogging group or a day of the week or a flickr group
so please stay tuned a bit longer
while I play around with this new idea of mine

at the pond
the old flumey cattail furry things look like this
and ...ummm...
they're a little interesting don't you think
don't go there, even though I know you just did, because I did

and while at the pond
I really like the red winged black birds best
this guy was determined to pose for me
so I let him

who knows what these amazing flowers are
I'm totally in love with them and feel slightly stupid not having any idea what they even are
who knew
posting without editing is done in record time
now I have time to actually look at my hubby with my whole body
while facing him
he might not even recognize me since he's so used to only seeing one side of my face while I stare for hours into the computer screen
uh oh
I see a night of lovin coming my way


  1. I'm not certain why you'd even wait until night! It's a glorious feeling of doing what you will with one who will do it with you!

    And, the penis on a stick? That might have some hours of laughing with it...

    And, my picture of the fountain, taken from ankle level so I understand exactly what you mean and I'm so in because it'll be something that makes me being so damned short so much better than you and your long lengthy, yoga toned, wonderfulness!!!

    So, I'll say again, you're waiting for lovin' to come your way tonight, why exactly?????

  2. Hi Beth,

    If you're referring to your first and last pics, I would say the flowers are spider chrysanthemums? Not sure about the rest!

    Hope you got a good night's sleep!

  3. i think this series is magical and so right...ankle biters HA! so cool

  4. Very cook, I too loved the flowers, Sleep, what is sleep?

  5. sometimes the SOOCs are the best shots of all.

    love the little bug. i captured a teeny little spider on camera yesterday. only thing is . . . he would not stay still for me! how rude!

  6. these are so beautiful!
    i'm a big fan of just putting the camera on the ground and shooting too! such a great idea to make a flickr group...i'm in if you do!

  7. Once again - you made me laugh. Wonderful series of SOOC images.

  8. These are lovely, but I especially love that you have reclaimed some precious time!

  9. mmmm, lovin' for giving up some editing? lovin' should always win! yay

    great shots - beautiful SOOC

  10. Beautiful SOOC, Beth!

    Count me in as an ankle biter. Wow, that's a sentence I've never typed before...

    Enjoy yourselves today! wink wink

  11. it's funny because lately i've been doing a lot of the same thing... SOOC... i get the images home and where in the past each one would take up an incredible amount of processing time, i'm seeing so many of them in a new way... the springtime here just seems so bright and colorful... as i open the images, i don't really want to do anything to them...

    i'm kind of wondering why my mind didn't go there with the cattail furry thing... it made me think of a stick of dynamite with a fuse on top... i'd better not analyze that too much...

  12. Ankle Biters... sounds like something right up my alley? LOL... yes, still laughing on this end... great shots Beth..

  13. honestly, I think there's a point where you know your camera and your lighting and your perspectives and you don't need as much editing in post processing.

    the photos are beautiful. And they are because you know what you are doing.

  14. Great images these'ankle biters'. I tend to look down a great deal when out walking, there is so much to see down there! I call those photos 'under my feet'.
    I rarely edit indiv. pics, but do take many of one subect. I may crop background sometimes.

  15. Wonderful series! I especially love the bee.

  16. love both notions--SOOC and ankle biters. please do send invites if it's a flickr group. :-)

    love these untouched pix, by the way, i think they're heavenly.

  17. You are SO on such a roll. These are wonderful -- with an eye like yours and a point of view that allows you to see so many things, who needs Photoshop or other editing software? Not that it isn't fun or that the photos aren't cool, but look at these! Definitely NOT chopped liver!

    Lovely work, my friend. Your group sounds fun, too!

  18. I'm lovin' your SOOC, too. But, I'm betting you won't be leaving your photo editing behind any time soon.

  19. Luvin that little green bug. Love even more that you didn't see him until you looked at the images later! Looks like he just quietly crept into the frame, humbly wanting to be famous. Sneaking in, hoping you wouldn't notice him till later...mission accomplished.
    Great shots!


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