April 9, 2009

just like her....

she's not mine
actually I really don't know her at all
she's the daughter of my friend's girlfriend
today he took her to the park while her momma was at school
he said
"come with us...and bring your camera"
so I did
she was adorable
on this perfectly warm
screaming blue sky
I wanted to be six again
with the wind in my hair and not a care in the world
laughing and singing
eating cookies and drinking apple juice
just like her


  1. Nothing like a swing on a bright sunny day to release such abandon...now I just get dizzy and queasy. Great picture Beth!

  2. And Kathy says: How high can I fly? she said and pumped harder on the downward thrust.

  3. great shot and the words that go with them are wonderful!

  4. amazing capture as the wind rushes past

  5. I so very much love that picture. Great capture!

  6. And because of the great job you did with picture and words, just for a few seconds I was, 'just like her.'

  7. oh....so do I honey...so do I. I would have grape koolaid, a lemon cookie and fly so high on the swing that I feel as though I could touch the clouds....

    freedom - sweet, sweet freedom.

  8. Great pic Beth. At 35 my best friend and I went and swang on swings in the middle of the night. It was so silly and such fun. Thanks for bringing that back to me.

  9. Great photo Beth.. I miss those days too :-)

  10. Hi Beth,

    I hope you did have a go on the swing?! It's good to let your hair down occasionally!

    Happy Easter.

  11. Love this image. Love the sense of freedom..of carefree childhood..of feeling the wind. T'would be great to be a child again!!!

  12. But, Beth...

    I have always sensed this little girl still alive & well right within you!

    Your magical trips to places long forgotten, the beauty that escapes most but delights the ones present enough to see it.

    I can even picture you on that swing. Same exhiliration & happiness radiating from within...

    The weather looked completely ideal for a spring day! I know you enjoyed it...

  13. Wonderful capture...To be young again.

  14. Do you remember
    the sheer squeal of terror
    when someone pushed
    from behind and your swing
    shot up to the sky
    until the chains
    holding the seat jerked
    and you felt like you might
    just fly and fly and never
    come back or touch the ground
    ever again and just sail out
    into the vast reaches
    of the universe where starlight would glisten on your skin
    with the power of fairydust
    and then you'd reach the far swing
    of the arc and zoom backwards
    toward the ground, your stomach
    feeling that funny
    little lurching sensation
    that must be gravity
    pulling you back to earth?

    Great photo, Beth. It brings back all the shivering excitement of swings!

  15. What a great photo! When I was little I could swing for hours on end! I loved the feeling in my belly when I would go really high! As...the bliss of childhood...captured so well :)

  16. Cool picture! I love how you captured the action. I havn't mastered that yet. She has such a great expression on her face too!

  17. What an incredible picture. Oh to be that age again!!!

  18. You've defintely captured something with this post! To be able to fly and feel like you could touch the sky! And then stop for a snack and then-
    fly some more!

  19. I remember to vividly,
    playing on my swing set in my back yard.
    The thing was, with our swings....and keep in mind that I'm talking about like 1974-75, they were steel and not even anchored well in to the ground...they'd jump up when we'd really getting going super high and almost pop out of the ground.

    It's insane to think about! If I had kids there would be no way I would've let them swing on those damn swings... but oh how we loved them.

    To this day if I find a swing and go nuts... my stomach still flips just a little when I get going really really super high.

    Great memories.

  20. She's so free. What feelings this image evokes!

  21. I have to tell you a story. Apparently I was in a foul mood. The kind where you snap at every comment and don't even realize it. You know the kind? Jeffrey handed me my shoes and said, "Get in the car." We got in and he drove to the local playground with the highest and best swings. He pointed to them and said, "I'll be back later. You swing." It's fantastic to have a man who knows exactly what you need. Me? I need to swing. Maybe that's why I became a teacher. Easy access to a sturdy swing set.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth