April 18, 2009

and I still can't do it...

how can I describe to you how living feathery creatures
on a warm sunny day
doing what they do best
wake up every single cell in my body
how can I tell you that sandhill cranes
who now live a few miles away from me
just down the road
made me the happiest I've been in months

how can I tell you that watching these amazing birds
not watching me
letting me get really close to them
filled my soul with a new life

how can I tell you about how this furry little guy
with a strange tail
was almost stepped on as he waited patiently for me
to get out of his way

how can I tell you about all the turtles
sunning themselves on their own little beaches
diving deep into the lake
when I annoyed them just a few too many times
made me giggle

how can I tell you about this heron
who used to be my most favorite
until the sandhill cranes stole the show
continued to pose perfectly for me

how can I tell you about all the ducks and the geese
who litter the lake with their voices and feathers
told me how I could come back anytime and visit
once again
I just don't think I can tell you
I can show you
as soon as we're done with our hike in the woods
{for those of you who said you would}
we'll head over to this neighborhood lake
watch all the wonder that unfolds there
what do you think
are you in


  1. I can see why you come alive in the Spring :-) What is that little furry thing btw?

  2. and how can I tell you I love the pictures so much? I am so glad I dropped by :-)

  3. Oh, Beth, my Beth...
    I know I don't have to tell you how wonderful the world is where you live...because your images confirm that you already know.

    Can I tell you how much better my world is knowing that, while those wonders don't exist in my own neighborhood, someone I admire gets to live with them...

    Someone I admire is so generous as to share them with me.

    Sandhill cranes...you are really, really lucky!

  4. I am in! Then can we go sit on your porch and read books?

  5. Wow, the wingspan on that bird is amazing! Great shots!

  6. The sandhill cranes are fabulous. I sometimes see lesser herons at the pond behind my house, but my biggest excitement everyday is to see the neighborhood bald eagle swooping in to pick up a quick dinner before heading back to the nest. I don't know where the nest is, but his route to the pond often brings him right outside the second-floor window where I sit when I'm on the computer. I can never grab my camera quickly enough. And he definitely won't let me get close enough for great pics even with my 200mm lens.

  7. All this awakening EVERYWHERE, bliss for you be a welcome member of that feathery and slippery party. Funny, just by posing those questions, you also answer them. Sandhill cranes make me ache for the Nebraska sandhills where my beloved Aunt Judy lives, but there I always saw more pheasant, the cranes just did fly-overs but that in itself was an event! Such a gut-satisfying post, this.

  8. sandhill cranes are great - they like to dance as much as whooping cranes I think. and the muskrat was furry and fun. turtles always make me lazy but ducks make me laugh with their constant griping.

  9. Count me in, Beth...

    I am just getting used to the sight of seagulls. I can assure you we didn't have those back in Kentucky!! ha

    I would sit and do just as you did on this beautiful day, because ya know, birds of a feather...lol

  10. Am definitely 'in' on this one. These feathered friends always make me smile. Among my favorite to photograph.

  11. Hi Beth,

    You certainly don't need to feel bored ther, do you? Nature is wonderful!

  12. Amazing moments you captured! Nature is a wonderful healer and teacher!

  13. Oh, what friends you made! Those cranes are wonderful. One year we went to the sandhill crane festival here, where all the cranes seem to come in for a break on their sojourn south (or wherever). It was perhaps the most magnificent sight I'll ever know.

    Lovely images. I can hear your delight and joy!


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