April 7, 2009

noodles and other things that go bump in the night...

" As I became aware of my body again, I marveled at my boys, who were all about their bodies. They loved nothing more than to run around naked holding their noodles.
Such things are so easy when you are too little to be self-conscious.
It's fun to be naked!
It's fun to hold your noodle!
Simple as that."
"And just at that exact moment, I glanced over to catch Toby-who had just recently started
offering snacks to his noodle from time to time,
telling me it was hungry-
bend the straw of his juice box, poke it into the top of his diaper
and squeeze in some refreshments.
When Toby looked up and saw the two of us staring at him,
he just announced, "thirsty," and continued on.
Amanda nodded again.
"Just another reason," she said after a minute,
"why women should be running the country."
okay....now I sound like a broken record, but I just can't say enough about
"everyone is beautiful"
I read so many books and they are pretty much what keeps me sane
I don't think I have ever praised one like I have this one
this is a little smidgen from one of the chapters in the book
since I had the perfect picture
come on....
you know it totally reminds you of a penis.....I mean noodle !!!
~go buy the book~


  1. HIL-A-RI-OUS !!!

    I don't know what you're talking about ;-) (wink)

  2. LOL hilarious....though my nephews didn't do this they are still fond of their noodle.

    and yes, I can totally see the noodle in the shot.

  3. A limp noodle!

    Okay, that's baaaaaad ;) You can't blame me, can you?! haha

  4. Umm, if Michael's noodle ever shows up with tiny winy yellow flowers on it, I'll call you immediately to share! LOL

  5. sounds fun--I had forgotten about the adventure and laughter brought to moms by young sons. I added the book to my Amazon Wish List!

  6. You are TOO FUNNY!!! Great post!

  7. This is delightful and the photo is perfect! Who is the author?

  8. Remember it well...my three sons are 29, 27 and 26 now, to bring those days back, if I could, I would....love the book, getting better and better with every chapter.

    I agree with the "I read so many books and they are pretty much what keeps me sane:...any suggestions on books? I love the library and hate it when they kick me out, I swear, I would spend the night, left last night with an arms full.

    Have you read Water for Elephants, that was last years read...as well as Eat, Pray, Love and I just finished Learning to Breath...there were so many more but these three really left me feeling...well, you know, enlighten. Thanks for any suggestions on books that you are reading now or have already read.

  9. you and my son would get along

    i love the photo:)

  10. I know I'll be going about my day and thinking about this post and everyone will be wondering why I'm laughing.

  11. And again,

    I knew there was a reason why I shouldn't read this book!!

  12. sounds like a wonderful read!
    seems, life is good...missing you much and sending big hugs your way! xoxox

  13. oh, so THAT'S what's wrong with these guys I work with -- their noodles are thirsty and hungry ... a 12-pack of squeeze-it juice boxes should take care o'dat! Who knew?!

  14. That's hilarious... what a considerate little guy.

  15. "bump in the night"

    ha ha *snort

    I love you, Beth!

  16. How could I not after that excerpt.


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