April 22, 2009

can you even imagine ?

come with me
let me show you what I covet
see if you can feel the love left in the remains

the drooping and crumbling front porch roof will soon be just a memory

the glass panes in the windows and doors
surrendered years ago

baseboards and moldings still carry a shade of blue~green that only love could have colored

walls have been torn apart randomly as if someone was looking for something

in the kitchen stood
this beautiful cabinet
I shrug my shoulders
and wonder
here I go again with another adventure slightly into and around an amazing house not too far from us. it's the same house I found this winter, but with the blowing snow I couldn't get close enough to really see it...do you remember ?
this time, after reading the bold yellow posted signs that said "keep out" on the fence, we kept walking towards it...with hurried steps.
john was with me and we laughed at ourselves wondering just how quickly the authorities could get there if indeed someone "called us in"
with a little mischievous smile on my face
and an immediate attitude of "I'm on a mission"
all he said was "shoot fast"
the house was big and amazing with old steps outside leading down into a cellar that was even too scary for me...this time
there was a huge empty well that went to no man's land, that I could have fallen into since I had my camera glued to my face and wasn't paying attention to where I was walking, but I didn't
{thanks hubby}
and on a little side porch off the kitchen where I stood to take some of the inside photos, had a falling roof on posts that weren't attached to anything, that once again, hubby being on the look out for my safety, pointed out how unstable it looked and suggested that I might not want to stand there very long, because with my luck, today would be the day it would decide to cave all the way in, so I moved.....sometimes he's such a weenie
but I love him for accepting the rebel side of me and following me into the places that in his rule book say "off limits"
so once again I feel this need to find, document and photograph these houses
I don't know what is, but I swear they call my name


  1. I go off by myself so often that I am too scared to go into these houses by myself. They frighten me. I think it's great he goes with you on the adventures. I wonder if you could get that cabinet out and restore it for your own?

  2. i really love these images!

  3. they call your name, because they know there is appreciation in you!

  4. They call out to you, Beth, because they know you will tell their stories. You will show us how they were once loved, and what remains of that love. You will venture inside when most wouldn't, and they will feel a little less abandoned for that day. You will see their beauty, and pass it along to us with your beautiful captures...

    I love your adventures!

  5. Man, did Cam sum it up correctly...and I would add that you are fascinated by the signature of energy that remains in the bits and pieces left behind. Like you, my mind immediately wants to know who lived there and who loved it once...where did they go, and was the house sad to be left behind to become nothing to no one?

    But, that kitchen cabinet???? Oh, I would love to refurb it and bring it back to life once more.

    Hugs my brave eye!

  6. i love that you two are rebels together!
    ...and these images are all so intruiging! i wonder what the story behind this house is!

  7. Do you ever sometimes wonder if these houses, these places that draw you to them so mysteriously, so passionately, have some deep soul connection -- something so vital, so visceral, that it means something you -- no one -- can understand?

    The way you capture these places is so powerful, sometimes it takes my breath away.

    You are a good trio, you, John and your camera. I like that. I like that a lot.

    Meanwhile, on days like the ones I've had lately, filled with looking back, uncertainty, tears that seem to have no reason for being and no intention of stopping, I come here. And I am in awe.

  8. Beth, I also am in awe. What a house, makes you wonder about who,what, when, why. That is what I find so intriguing about your blog. I love to travel through your eyes and camera. It is always so complete, but makes you wonder and imagine.

  9. keep listening to that voice my heart quickens when i read your old homes posts. kt

  10. i too love adventure of thsi kind. i have a special friend with hwo i go old house hunting. it has become like a tradition whenever we are on holiday together.

    the kitchen cabinet makes my heart break.

  11. I think this house has 'good bones'and I would love that dresser, it looks like it could be saved:)

  12. The mystery of it all, these houses. I love it when you take these photos. Your SOOC are also faboo :-)

  13. Sighing over that peely blue-green wall. Happy, happy to see these images.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth