April 17, 2009

I just can't do this....

I can't tell you how blue the sky was yesterday
how tall the trees seemed
how the sun warmed my bones
I can't tell you how the budding tree in the cottage's front yard
was playing a tune called
"the millions of bees"
I can't tell you how dreamy the wild flowers were
growing up from under
tumbled over
moss covered
termite eaten
tree trunks
I can't tell you how tender and gentle
the water cress looked as it blanketed
the little creek
I can't tell you the shade of purple these wild flowers were
as humans have never been able to duplicate it
so there's no name for it

I can't tell you how fun it was to hike up
this dry creek bed
with nothing to walk on but
moss covered rocks and flimsy tree trunks

I can't tell you how cool I think mother nature
is for creating
spongey fungus
but I can try to show you
unless you'd rather just come with me next time


  1. Keep telling me. Keep showing me. But one time, if I'm a really good, really lucky girl, I'll come with you so you can show me all of these wonderful things!

    For now, you will have to be my guide from there. And, I'm grateful to have you...

  2. oh I would enjoy hiking with you ...but for now your amazing words and images fill my head across the miles

  3. Hi Beth,

    Great photos and words as usual. It's good that we can always tag along on your outings!

  4. both!

    looks like you had a wonderful day. isn't the warm weather a God-send? how did we ever survive the winter???

  5. looks as though spring has sprung! would love to go walking and talking and laughing and photoing with you! much love across the miles! xoxoxo

  6. Beautiful pictures....Spring is on it's way...and the world will renew itself soon. God Bless everything....

  7. I would love to come along! beautiful thoughts and beautiful words.

  8. I would love to come and see it through your eyes...thanks for sharing it this way.

    Vive le printemps ! Here's to spring !

  9. please can i come with?

  10. I can't tell you how great this post was.....

    I'm looking forward to my hike tomorrow!!

  11. Looks so beautiful! I especially love the 4th and 6th pictures... What an amazing visual hike!

  12. Spring is finally coaxing us out of the burrow we built to keep out the winter cold. Beautiful images cradled by beautiful words.

  13. Next time, I'm coming along. What wonderful captures.

  14. I think you did just fine not telling us anything -- and the show was great!

    Isn't it glorious today! I cannot wait to enjoy the weekend! Have a good one!

  15. Oh Beth, thank you for sharing some spring here! I am so glad that you are able to be outdoors, and back out into nature. I know you have been waiting patiently...

    I would love to go hiking with you! Just love it!!!

  16. i would love to, please?
    just say when!
    LOVE these photos!

  17. Wow! Thank goodness you got such gorgeous pictures! Beautiful blog!

  18. sigh. Between this post and the next and my inability to stop listening to Susan Boyle singing Cry Me a River, I'm just a wet teary-eyed blissed out rag o'woman. Rag O'Woman is going to become a new 'persona' within, I have realized. I want to come along when you, Holly, Cam and Misty go, so be sure to phone me up. We'll crunch over tree trunks and slip on moss and shoot photos of nature and each other and play tag (because I ALWAYS want to play tag in natural places) ... thanks so much for the invite.

  19. What a beautiful post, pictures and words! Thank you for letting us be a part of your hike. Isn't Mother Nature just amazing- especially like when she pulls out all of the stops in spring.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth