April 21, 2009

really, it's just the little things...

I'm a pretty happy girl
honestly there really isn't much of anything that gets me down and if something sneaks in there to make me pout a little, it certainly doesn't last for any length of time
I've been that way, I think, forever
{right mom}
it's all due to the little things in life
I don't wait for the big things to come along and blow me away
not at all
I just see the little things every day
gather them up
fill up my
"feel good basket"
I'm happy
over a great tasting potato chip
when I take 100 pictures and only one turns out
when the sky is filled with stars
spending an hour in a book store
eating a perfect strawberry
when a candle burns perfectly
watching a movie I've already seen
talking on the phone to a wonderful friend
when it's "american idol" night
walking through a marsh
smelling fresh baked cookies
dancing in front of my kids to the music they love
putting up little white lights on anything
laughing at a joke that nobody else gets
when I make my husband laugh
when the sun is making shadows
talking to a new mom about her newborn
when my piggies are painted
laying in bed in the morning wondering if I'm still dreaming a little
folding clean towels
talking to a stranger
wearing jewelry made by my friends
listening to those who need me to listen
when someone else cleans up the kitchen
hearing my favorite song playing in the background when I'm shopping
blog surfing for hours
visiting the guys in the camera store and learning something new
climbing into my bed at night
reading a great book
turning around on a highway to check on an elderly couple whose car is stopped
walking around anthropologie soaking in all the pure yumminess
when I find a pair of jeans that sit on my hips
like they were made just for me
they make my butt look cute
that happiness can last for weeks and weeks


  1. beth you are real and deep and that is why i find a home in this space that you have created. thank you for sharing parts of your heart.

  2. I love this post, just reading all the little things that make you happy makes me happy too. What a gift it is to savor your life.

  3. This post is so perfect ! The love of the little things keeps us here in the sweet moment we have right now. Thanks for the reminder this morning !
    Cheers !

  4. i am a lot like this. do you think we are shallow???

  5. a
    i relate to so many!

  6. Shallow? No way! Everyone should aspire to such unmitigated delight. When you find joy in almost everything, aren't you paying the highest praise to Mother God?

  7. I found a Rumi piece for you:

    No one knows what makes the soul wake up so happy! Maybe a dawn breeze
    has blown the veil from the face of God.

  8. "I'm a pretty happy girl," she said. "True," I replied, "But to be precise, you're a happy, pretty girl." A girl child woman that I am so blessed to have encountered.

  9. I'm glad I stopped by to pick up a smile. You had the pretty dish of them sitting out for me to help myself, right? They weren't just for display? I hope I didn't just blunder socially. No, I didn't. I'm SURE you mean to share!

  10. I agree with everything I just read as little posies in the feel-good basket -- just one lingering question: what with your little yoga-&-dancing tightened tush, I'm wondering about the pair of jeans that does NOT make your butt look cute. Is there such a pair?

  11. Thanks for reminding me of all the things tahat make us smile, and for that one picture that turns out right. You put a smile on my face. I am so glad I found your blog.

  12. Hi Beth,

    All the little things are great - so long as I can have a GREAT BIG thing every now and again!!!

  13. what a beautiful blog you have.

  14. Your last lines really made me smile. You have such a wonderful way of describing 'happy'!!!

  15. wonderful bits and pieces of happiness - perfection.

  16. Those of us who are happy people by nature can make so many silk purses, there isn't a sow's ear left! I love all those things, too -- more for some, different for others. And isn't it the best to find joy, if not every waking minute, then most of them? I know it is for me! And reading this simply makes me smile!

  17. what a great list of happiness! it inspires me to think about the little things in my life that make me happy... :)

  18. You've always been so quick to forgive....a quality that is one of God's gifts for sure. My little girl, who, when crying about some silly thing, and I would tell you "go to your room if you're going to cry, cause I really don't want to hear it right now" would march down to your room and sit in your little rocking chair, rocking and crying. Then just as fast, would come back to me all smiles and dimples (and I do mean DIMPLES) and be our happy little camper once again. how many Mother's are blessed with children like that? I for one..Thank you God. Love ya Sweetheart! Mom

  19. life is sweet... and much sweeter with you here! i love your list, you happy girl!
    i love that i get to comment after your mom, how cool is that! hi beth's mom!

  20. hiya Beth!
    i loved this list!! the smell of cookies, talking to a new mom about her newborn, making your husband laugh!! Me too!

    you are one special gal!



  21. mmmm... i love your list and how reading so many of them lights up my smile as i hear myself say "me too"...

    (and i so adore that your mom comments on your blog... )

  22. I love your list - and the ability to identify these small things that are not so small after all! I live in my head way too much and miss out.

  23. Wonderful list. That photo is PHENOMENAL. I love it!


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth