February 20, 2009

can I be honest ?

I'd be lying to all of you
if I said
"I don't think about spring everyday"
winter has taken a toll on me
I feel it everywhere
it has made me
short tempered
I don't want to be any of those things
at all
I'm having a hard time being
a parent
a wife
a friend
a sister
a daughter
a neighbor
I just needed to be honest
this little child's cottage is from the backyard of an old house in an old neighborhood near us that we
discovered during one of our summer outings
I fell in love with it
now that the main house is being remodeled
I think by the looks of the yard
filled with debris and snow and garbage dumpsters
that they have torn this little cottage down
if they have
I'm going to be angry about that too
I'll take any advice you can give me
even if you have to slap me
tell me to
"snap out of it"
what I'd really like
your vacation home on the beach that you'll let me use for a week
you're nice that way


  1. Oh, Sweetie, I hear the cabin fever, lack of sunshine in your words. I'd suggest some more chocolate , but then you probably wouldn't want to photograph yourself next year for Valentines.

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  3. I'm with you Beth- as I am listening to the snow warning update that we are under. If you find a beach house- let me know-I'll be happy to drive- you bring the chocolate though lol!!! Have a good weekend~


    I deleted the fisrt comment- blogger goofed it up

  4. Sweetheart!...I feel ya, I really do. But the best I can offer you is a moble home in a Trailer Park in Calif!. Although it's going to sound chiche, unfortunatly we never seem to appreciate the springs without the winters, long as they may be. I'm not going to tell you to ride it out, but I do suggest that you maybe try to walk it off. What I mean is, getting out of the house helps! It really does, even if the weather isn't all that conducive. The fresh air does wonders! As you walk, chant a montra of something like "Come on spring, do your thing". All I'm saying is it sure couldn't hurt!........Kittie

  5. P.S.
    I sure hope this little cottage is still standing. Either way you have given to us, your fans through your photos, where it will exist forever in memory!

  6. Wow! Try breathing deep and a nice warm bath. Spring really will be here. This is all temporary even though that might be hard to believe. I found you through Art Tea Life. Your post sounds familiar in a round about way!

  7. I think the winter has taken it's toll everywhere...I know it has here too. I'm in the mood and have been telling myself to put on my big girl panties and deal with it. But...I don't want to really. Snap out of it - or have a nice drink. Either way - it's better for a bit.

  8. Well, no cottage but I do have a lovely guest bedroom with a metal frame canopy bed and puffy down comforter. There's an attached bathroom. There's an exercise room in the basement. Only problem is that spring hasn't sprung here either.

  9. i wish i had a beach cottage i could lend you...

    my advice is to go swimming, that seems to help me with that. there must be an indoor pool somewhere nearby, right?

    i think knowing that cottage had been torn down would make me angry as well. that seems a criminal act.

    hope you feel better soon!


  10. Yes, I wish for spring as well. We Seattlites have been blessed with nice weather the last few days...and it reminded me how happy I normally am...I almost forgot!

  11. Yep, I hear ya too. This has been the worst winter in a long time for me, I don't know if my tolerance (or lack thereof) has changed, or what!?!?!?

  12. oh, hon ... I have the complete opposite complaint, which is that Thursday, and yesterday, and again today, the temps here are reaching OVER 70. I've had to put my slippers and cool socks with the toes away, along with my favorite ratty maroon sweater ... I DON'T WANT TO BE HOT YET!!!!!! wah. WAH. (she stomps her sockless feet) We need to make arrangements to do time shares at each other's houses, I think.

  13. Well, I have no vacation home to give you, but I could give you a hug..even if it is a bloggy hug :)

    That picture is absolutely magical...if only I could have had a place to play like that when I was a little girl. What a sad thing, if they tore it down.

  14. Actually, you are the one who is nice that way. And, I know it for sure. I do wish I could help you feel better. Here's a big squeezing virtual hug for you. And a prescription, do take it.

    1. big bag of your favorite junky snack - the sweet one
    2. big bag of your favorite junky snack - the salty one
    3. Rent Strictly Ballroom, but have your own standard favorite on hand just in case I'm wrong about the movie.
    4. Eat said junky snacks until you are full, but not icky. Watch the movie, laugh, sigh, dance.

    You'll feel better. You will. I promise.

  15. Hi! Just wanted to say- your comment on my post totally made me laugh! Well at least I know now WHO that ginormous house belongs to...and can't wait till you move in and I can stop by and visit!

  16. Hi! Just wanted to say- your comment on my post totally made me laugh! Well at least I know now WHO that ginormous house belongs to...and can't wait till you move in and I can stop by and visit!

  17. my home in south africa is all yours!

  18. hey. when you find that vacation home on the beach, take me with you!

    Thanks for your honesty. I feel you..yes I do.

  19. i identify.
    thank you for this.


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