February 15, 2009

part two...... or I love the blue, the blurry and the controversy

so let's talk some more about photo editing
at one time I really hated it
thought that edited pictures weren't real
or at least they couldn't be compared
to virgin photos
no matter what
I still feel that way
a little
the first photography magazine I ever bought showcased a photo contest
I was appalled to see that the winning photos
all been photoshopped
here I was
a very beginning photographer
not even having a clue to what editing was all about
actually I wasn't even that
I was just a girl with a camera
who wanted to take pictures
had no idea what I was doing
was already becoming discouraged
feeling like I had failed
well I think it was because
all I knew to do was to hold my camera
put it on auto
take some pictures
upload them to my computer
get rid of the pictures I hated
file the ones I liked
then post my favorites on my blog
then I started reading
the manual to my camera
{go figure}
everything else I could get my hands on
I learned a few things
like white balance and ISO
{who knew}
I felt more in charge
I was having fun
then it happened
I learned to edit
all of a sudden the painting I did in my studio on paper and canvas
was being done
on my computer
on photos
I was having fun
I was having so much fun
my creative spirit was alive again
so here's the scoop
I still don't think in a contest
virgin and altered photos should be in the same category
if you don't like the photos you take
or actually
the story here is that
you love the photos you take and want to make them better
you're a creative person with some extra time on your hands
{it does take time}
love your camera
love your computer
hopefully you'll discover
a whole new world of fun out there that you never knew about
then the next time we meet
it will be in the support group
photo editing addicts
but we'll wink as we walk past each other
on the way to the cookie and coffee table
with a big smile on our faces
that this is exactly where we belong
oh and by the way
yesterday was part one
even though I didn't know that until I wrote this post
I think there will be a part three
I know there will be
stay tuned


  1. Very interesting post! Isn't it amazing how our hobbies/crafts/creative outlets are always changing, growing, and becoming! What a blessing!

  2. I SO identify! I just relish downloading the photo files and then enhancing things ever so slightly, maybe tweaking the exposure a bit, until it's just so. How can that be an addiction? Just because I download and edit the minute I get in the house, how can that be an addiction? Is there a difference between a passion and an addiction?

  3. I am definitely at the beginning phase of point and shoot on auto. If I get a great photo it is usually by accident and I have no idea how to repeat the procedure, but I am enjoying the journey. Thanks for showing me where it may eventually lead.

  4. beth I struggle to figure ps out..do not have the time I would like to spend but i do a little...I think your photos look like artwork and are amazing!

  5. Photo editing is just one more creative digital hobby I hope to take up. Another is video editing. I want to turn all our silly home movies into real DVDs that are mini works of art. I really, really want to learn photo editing. Right now I am at the point and shoot stage. And, haven't read anything to teach myself. Yet. What I have done, though, is watched you grow and develop. It's been fun. And inspiring.

  6. Wonderful post! I feel the same way...actually I think I've swung back and forth regarding editing photos...at first no editing...than too much...now back a little bit...I think I'll stay here awhile and work on my picture taking skills!
    p.s. I just did a post on editing, LOL! We're twins!

  7. I think you have to look at it as "real" (the hard, original photograph, however beautiful it may be) and "art" (the manipulated photograph that expresses the reality but in a way that touches your soul or heart or whimsy at that moment. I don't believe either one is the be-all, end-all, but that they are a useful partnership that periodically share an uneasy alliance (such as in journalism, where to me, manipulation can get a little dicey.) I look at these and don't see them as less real, for they are your real impression. And I DO see them as art, for you have exceeded the limits of the reality and put your own spin on them, your artistic vision. And I think they are lovely!

  8. when I first started I was so upset that I never could get my shots SOOC to look like some I had seen until it was finally explained to me about photo editing and what wonders could be accomplished. it's amazing - but I agree, it's hardly fair to ask the SOOC to be in the same category. But to some extent, it's hard for me to judge the "P" or auto shooters to be in the same category as the ones that shoot on AV, TV or manual.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth