February 22, 2009

stop laughing at me...I can hear you !!!

shoulder and neck issues:101
if you're taking the class at my house
~doctors appointment for extreme right shoulder pain
~muscle relaxers and pain killers
~advice from F-I-L who is a retired chiropractor
~MRI results don't look great
~physical therapy and exercises
~physical therapy and exercises again
~new numbing and tingling in left arm
~advice from F-I-L=you need traction
~physical therapist requests neck x-rays
~physical therapist refers me to spine therapist
~acupuncurist=you need traction and special massage
~I tell F-I-L and acupuncturist no traction or massage until spine therapist appointment because I think she will be god-like
~appointment with spine therapist who says to me
"I have no idea why you are here"
"I guess we could do some traction since that's what others are telling you"
~phone call with spine therapist's supervisor registering a HUGE complaint
{I hope spine therapist gets fired for being a dumb ass}
~acupuncture with tui na massage
~finally some relief
~in-home traction unit picked up
~john laughs at me while I put straps on my face, saying something about silence of the lambs
~hang for 12 minutes
the pain relief was short lived
but for 12 minutes I felt great
I'll be doing this daily if you want to stop by and laugh at me in person
the morel to the story
to your father in law and acupuncturist
they are not dumb asses


  1. I can't imagine living with that kind of pain! Poor thing - I'm glad the traction helps.

  2. i do power pump for neck issues ...blessings to you hope this helps...

  3. Oh my goodness, the cure looks medieval--I'm glad it provides some relief and hope you feel better soon. Think Spring.

  4. Oh you poor thing! Neck pain is the worst, I hope that contraption fixes things pronto!

  5. How is it possible you look that cute while in traction. Hope your team figures it out.

  6. Oh Beth~ I hope it all makes you feel better soon and longer than 12 minutes! Take care!


  7. ouch!this sounds and looks sore but also very funny as you yourself said.

    i can fully relate. was in accident a few weeks ago and i too am going through the motions of physio and chiro at present.

    get well soon.

  8. i think you look cute, too! :-)
    thank goodness it helps, even if just a little right now, maybe soooo much more soon?
    Happy Monday!!! xooxox

  9. I would never laugh at others in pain - I wish you lengthier and lengthier spells of relief!
    Best wishes

  10. you make traction look gooooood! :) i hope it brings you much relief. take good care. xx s

  11. Heck no I'm not laughing at you, I'm cringing and wishing I was there to brew tea and put the TV up where you could see Oprah or HGTV or whatever or read aloud to you or SOMETHING. poor luv!

  12. hang in there! bad pun intended only if it makes you laugh. hope you feel better soon:) kt

  13. Eight pounds for the counterweight? I'm afraid I'm a bear of little brain and would only need two pounds!

    I wish you continued relief until you are completely pain-free.

  14. Oh wow, that does not look like much fun at all. Although I do hope that it provides you with some relief.

  15. you will do anything to get a comment! lol...first it is nudey pics now S&M pics...
    whats next...lol
    ps..take care of yourself..

  16. Oh my heck! I stop by to check up on you as I have not been playing much on the computer..and this is the preveiw I get! Geesh..actualy the idea of traction does sound good! Like how some people need deep muscle massage, I think traction or hanging from my ankles would probably feel kinda good. Hope my girl feels great soon!

  17. I am just bouncing around and came upon your blog..I just love it!! laurie

  18. Wow. I was thinking of you the other day at PT and wondering how you were doing, realizing it was time for a catch-up to see. Well, now I see -- literally SEE and it doesn't look fun. I'm glad it's helping the pain, at least somewhat, but for all the obvious reasons, you don't look happy and we're with you.

    If I lived closer, I'd come keep you company or fetch things for you.... Anything I can do from afar

  19. Oh dear, how did we go from sexy Valentine girl to traction -then again maybe I shouldn't ask?

    But seriously I can so relate to neck and shoulder issues, although no where near the traction level! Hang in there - oh I so didn't mean it THAT way!!

    What I mean is be well. Hope the relief comes as quickly as possible!

  20. Oh, Beth. It's been a looooong time since that MRI before you went to Florida. I hate to think of you hurting for that long. I am SO glad you took care of this. And, the next time you don't listen, I won't even remind you.

  21. Oh I hate to hear it.

    I have many of the same issues with pain in my neck and shoulders. I become so desperate to find relief sometimes. I had 3 discs removed from my neck 2 years ago, so now my neck is almost completely fused together. A couple weeks ago I started going to the chiropractor which seems to be helping somewhat with my mobility, which is a good thing.

    I hope you continue to find relief.

    Take care.

  22. oh bless your heart. a friend of mine is going through rehab from shoulder surgery and it just sounds brutal.

    I'm sorry you are going through this. :-(


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