February 19, 2009

I hate chocolate I think.....

today I went to my girlfriend's house
where she was hosting
"recipe club"
those of you know who know me
just so everyone else can be in on the laughing
I don't like recipes
or baking
or even cooking
for that matter
she's my girlfriend
the "food" for
this month
was chocolate
since the only reason I really leave my house for any length of time in the winter
is with my camera in hopes
of gathering fabulous pictures to play with
I said
"I'd love to come"
of course I'd bring a yummy chocolate dessert
guess what
when 18 women show up with 18 chocolate desserts
at 1:00 on a 10 degree day
in the dead of wisconsin's winter
well let's just say
I won't need
"a chocolate anything"
for maybe the rest of my life
at least until saturday


  1. Wow, that sounds so yummy! What a beautiful picture too!

  2. 18 chocolate desserts??!?!! Was there anything else to eat? OMG! What an idea! I'm going to go through the cupboards in search of chocolates right now.

  3. now I have to go have a brownie - I'm so jealous

  4. i am hosting a very close friend's kitchen tea next tuesday eve and we are planning on doing the same along with a few good massages and some laughs.

    i will definitely think of you when i climb into the car, full to the brim with all things chocolate.

  5. you are so silly -- love this post.

    funny, i can't imagine equating the words chocolate and hate.


  6. Hey Beth, in my twenties just for fun I entered the cooking contests at the State Fair of Texas, as I was living in North Dallas at the time and I thought why not. Actually won some ribbons -- a blue, a red, and two whites. Although I do go through periods where creative cooking is appealing, most of the time I'm a popcorn and yogurt kind of woman. When I'm in "most of the time" mode, I always laugh and say that I only cook competitively. I can say for sure that none of my prize winning recipes involved chocolate.

  7. I know heaven is supposed to have streets paved with gold, but I think there will definitely be chocolate. Don't you?

  8. So, oh mighty chef, what yummy chocolate dessert did YOU show up with? (Did you make my recipe in the Gypsy a few days ago?!!!)

  9. Okay - I can see from just these few posts on this page, that we are indeed editing junky sisters (not to mention this post that involves chocolate!).

    The first step to recovery is acknowledging we have problems. Don't ya just love it though?

    One of my closest friends is a SOOC junky, but I love her anyway! I think I'll send her over, we happen to share a brain! I think she'll like your sense of humor too!

    Thanks for visiting me :)

  10. That just sounds too good to be true!
    Where I live, we have a yearly event called Chocolate Fest...for an entire weekend you can go and indulge in all kinds of chocolate goodies. But you know...I have lived in this city for over 8 years now, and I have never gone!!!And I love my chocolate.
    I must make it a priority this year I'm thinkin.

  11. Awww, just had famous amos chocolate chip cookie in my office and wondered how could anyone hate chocolate or even choc chip! And then i googled "how could anyone hate chocolate" and found your blogpost. No plssss! You cannot equate hate and chocolate!! Chocolate is the best flavour in this world to go with desserts, muffins or cookies. =D


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth