February 3, 2009

I know it's a short month, but.....

february is pretty dull
it's the kind of month in wisconsin where we just sit and look at each other
with a kind of "what now" attitude
we pat ourselves on the backs for having made it through december and january
now all we want is march
well who am I kidding
march can feel just like any of the other winter months here
but at least march gives us hope
warmth and green and sunshine
but february
is still just plain and cold and gray and windy and dull
I apologize that I don't love you
I will give you credit with at least being the shortest month of the year
kind of makes sense now doesn't it
that 28 day thing
enough griping already
I still haven't fallen back in love with my studio
even though it's clean and roomy and I can finally see the floor
I'm still playing with colors and paints
just not the kind that leave my fingers all messy
this is a cottage in seaside
before and after
see why I love to play with my photos


  1. Wonderful and fun! How cool! Yes, I figure they put Valentine's day in February because it was the only colorful thing in the month -- and half-way through, too. Doesn't it seem like the longest month of the year?

    Well, I'm glad you found your colors, even if you haven't really bonded with the tidy studio yet! Hugs!

  2. Hi! I always find that I have so much more inspiration when my work area is messy- go figure! Love what you've done with the pic! Now if you could just alter February a little- I HATE that month too- and it is always the longest shortest month... Have a great day!
    Did you start JP's Change of Heart? I love it!

  3. Yup! February always seems like it should be exciting. We made it through January and it feels like there should be some kind of reward for that. Sadly, there is not.

    I have the CUTEST little RED dress that seems really only appropriate for Valentines Day and yet for the last two years it sits in my closet mocking me for having a weak moment in a cute boutique where I fooled myself into thinking it would actually be warm enough to wear. Ha!

  4. I'll trade you my February for yours...I am actually sick of sunshine ;)

  5. Beth, I feel the same way about February....let's just get it over with, the sooner the better. Your before and after pictures are fabulous...I need to learn how to do that. Hope you are well!

  6. I love your poem posts and your lovely photos, Beth! I sent in my reg for Sept SAW today! Are you going? Love to see you again!

    I encourage you to get out the messy paints! I have been pushing myself with Misty's challenges and have been loving it. Glad you are feeling better!!!

  7. I'm with you, thank goodness for editing programs or I would go nuts! I feel your pain about the weather, I'm in MN! I just keep counting down the days 'til spring, not that that really means anything here, I just like to make up my own little reality :)

  8. It's been a while since I have come to your lovely space, and upon reading your words earlier today, I realised how much of this wonderful blog I have been missing!
    I have always loved your writing style..love the insightful and often humorous things you have to say.
    I will be back on a much more regular basis..it's so good to see you again.

  9. march...named so because it tells you to march forward into spring! february, well, its just hard to spell. xoxox

  10. Ooooo... Yummy pictures. Especially the second one. I love your "treatments." Would you give us a glimpse of your newly cleaned studio space. Please?


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