December 13, 2008

this time of year...or maybe just weekends....

I could be doing so many things right now
that need to be done
like wrapping gifts
*well, actually my shopping would have to be finished first
for that to even happen*
but instead
I'm doing nothing
but thinking of everything that needs to be done
the carpet needs to be vacuumed
the laundry is always calling my name
of course bedding needs to be changed
I have simple errands to run
worst of all
we need groceries

but instead
I'm deciding which movie I want to go see
what time feels best
to go to the theatre
~right after lunch or right before dinner~
you know how that works
of course before I could even show my face
in a movie theatre
I need to shower
instead I sit here playing with photoshop
I love my photos
I'm addicted to
"playing with them"
they don't care
that I haven't showered
here are some before and after pictures for your enjoyment
maybe now
I'll consider the whole showering and getting dressed idea
or not
so is it just me
does this happen to you too?


  1. What??? This totally describes me! To a T. But, I did not think you were afflicted with it.

    Right now, I should be getting ready for our work Christmas party which will be taking place downtown and we are staying at a fancy hotel to boot. Guess what I want to do? Stay home in my sweats and just be. Instead I am wasting all day dreading getting ready. Plus, not done with Christmas gifts, have not wrapped a thing, have not decorated, etc. etc.

    When will I ever be an adult?

  2. I feel like you're holding up a mirror to my soul! So many fun ways to play and besides the laundry will be there tomorrow. You can start a load and then hit the computer for the next 35 minutes. Food shortages, however, are a little more difficult. Are you sure the pantry is bare? The movie sounds like more fun than the grocery store!

    Love your blog. Wandered here from hmmm....... Misty? Susan Tuttle? No matter, I found it.

  3. what?? i would much rather be putzing around in sweats and long sleeve shirt....eating, arting , listening to awesome music and of course eating, i would much rather do that than anything....i am jealous that you can on a daily basis!!xoxox

  4. had to laugh out loud at this post, I woke up early before the rest of the family to get on photoshop and putz around. kt

  5. So as I am reading this I am yelling at my husband to get up- he has lots to do - lol!!! I SHOULD be doing Christmas cards, school work, shopping, showering, cleaning,...but this is oh so much more fun!!! Glad someone else shares my philosophy. Have a great day!!!


  6. To do lists, mental or written ... pfffft. They do tend to get outvoted when it comes to anything that has a whiff of good art, or good coffee, or in my case (today), the arrival of 3 dozen homemade tamales from my oldest male child's girlfriend and mother. Then naturally it was obvious that the only 'to do' item was gorge on the thangs! (love the original red knob photo a bunch!)

  7. Sounds like a great day! In fact I've been sitting in my jammies for a few hours now. :)

  8. Oh,yes. That's me, too. It's almost one in the morning and here I am visiting "just one more blog."

  9. Oh, this is me! Only, I've been nose to the grindstone -- except Saturday night when I just crashed. Since I have back to back dinners at my house tomorrow and Wednesday, I have to really book it tonight! Meanwhile, I have two glass bottle snowguys on my art table, just calling my name. "Finish me, finish me" they say. Maybe before the holiday...!


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth