December 21, 2008

a little rough for me today

when it feels like
minus 30 outside
it's hard to get motivated
I needed to get out and "shoot"
If you love your camera
you know what I mean
so with my hubby driving
I "shot" from the passenger seat
while the sun was setting
this is so
not me
nope, not one bit
I like to be up close and personal
to what I see through my view finder
maybe here in wisconsin
I can do that again
in about 6 months




  1. beth~
    your drive-by photos are soooo beautiful, keep them in your the ne banner..xo

  2. I don't know how you can get more intimate with a sunset. Your photo is beautiful! Chin up. Drink some orange juice and think warm, sunny thoughts. Merry Christmas!

  3. That is an amazing car seat shot! happy holidays. kt

  4. Well for a passenger-seat-shot, be still my heart! Not grumbling at all. Can you see what the cold is doing to the light? Changing the weight and hue of it? If it weren't for you, there, I'd never get to see that. I'm looking at palm trees twirled in Christmas lights, for cryin' out loud.

  5. I love this shot. Really gorgeous.
    Cuddle up and stay warm.

  6. so lovely -- really. no matter how you got the shot. ;)

  7. this is beautiful. thanks for stopping by my little blog...your work is beautiful.

  8. I'd say you got a precious gift to offset the weight of winter. The photo is breathtaking (as are your frigid temperatures). Stay safe, stay warm, give your hubby a big kiss for transporting you to that perfect vista waiting just for you to notice and capture.

  9. Hi! So funny! I did the same thing bys (me driving though) and jump outs until my fingers froze. I am paying for it today with a scratchy throat. Being that it was -22 degrees I did NOT see anyone else out but it was so pretty outside I could NOT pass it up- the ice just sparkled in the sun! Stay warm!


  10. The pix didn't download, but I'll revisit and hope they are there!


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