December 26, 2008

can you help me again ???


can you see two photos here or only one ??
flickr is trying it's best to give me a headache
with my photostream
so I'm hoping I can count on all of you
to let me know
what you see
what you don't see
these pictures are the same
but uploaded in two different ways
thanks for you help


  1. Two photos, Beth.... both centered. The top one is smaller than the bottom one. Hope this helps!

  2. I'm not sure my comment published since it's not showing up, so I'll try again. Two photos Beth, both centered. The top one is smaller than the bottom. Hope this helps.

  3. Two photos, both centered, one smaller than the other. i use Mozilla firefox if it helps to know that for your data collection. By the way, the picture is beautiful!

  4. I see two. The one on the bottom is bigger.

    Gorgeous photo!!!!

  5. i see two one smaller...both beautiful! xoxo

  6. It's unanimous, so far we all see the same thing. Great image!

  7. i see two beauties! xx

  8. Hi Beth- I can see both pictures as you/ve desrcribed. Ahhh technology- gotta love it! I swear the aspirin industry is somehow linked in with the technology industry and the one perpetuates business for the other. Good luck!


  9. Two photos. One is bigger than the other, but they seem to be the same one!

  10. Two. One is bigger. Love the bigness of it, actually.


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