December 4, 2008

hanging on......

I'm surrounded
right now
but I can't bring myself
fall in love with it
really even be friends with it
want to take its picture
maybe in
february I will
maybe I won't
so for now
I'm loving on these photos
taken by me
this past summer and fall
seasons I love
and that love me back
maybe if you love winter
you can send me some tips
on how to be better friends with it
I'm willing to give it a try


  1. I guess the giving into it is what helps me the most. things that make me happy during the winter time:

    1. the woodstove
    2. hot drinks
    3. good books
    4. blanket
    5. very warm outdoor clothes so I never feel uncomfortable
    6. crockpot recipes
    7. cross-country skiing and snowshoeing
    8. winter festivals
    9. more of doing nothing
    10. hot baths
    11. greenhouses

    Thank you for this post -- you have me thinking about all of the wonderful activities I can dive into this winter -- especially if I am in a funk.

    I am having a giveaway contest for my new book over at my blog -- come see.


  2. i use to detest winter in every way..i dreaded it, as soon as november showed up on my calender i started to grumble, but recently something has changed, and i now love winter, i love everything about it, all that it brings... it seems so much a part of life, such an important part of life... the calmness we need to unwind our selves, the solitude to reflect on the days before, the peace that grows from loving what is.
    it's a perfect time to sit and be still and soon enough...summer will be here, there will be so much to do, as always, and much laughter shared with many, and bare feet everywhere we look...
    so i say hello winter, come on in, take off your hat, sit with me for awhile and stay for tea...then you must back up your stuff and go so spring can come and bring things back to life again.

    you will get through this... i send you much warmth and love. xo

  3. I just read your comment on Misty's blog "Even now, you're still with me." My eyes are brimming with tears and my heart wants to know the story behind the words. Thanks for putting your soul words into blogspace, because your risk led me to your page.

  4. Hi Beth~ I'm with you with your "love" of winter. I like the snow only if I am nestled under a quilt with a warm drink and a book watching it and not out in it especially driving. I know there is much beauty in the season and I'm going to try mu hardest to find it this winter, starting...not today I'm too cold!

    Stay warm and cozy~ Patti

    I love Susan's comments- they are what I need to read to start my Winter Appreciation Campaign!

  5. Oh honey I understand your feelings on winter completly. I am the same way. I struggle during winter. I love how you said you are looking for "some tips on how to be better friends with it"..what an excellent way of looking at it, as a friendship.

    I am a summer girl and prefer flip flops over snow boots. If you are looking for some company when the winter blues bring you down reach to me, my dear. Together we can work to make each other smile during the cold months.

  6. I'm thinking the snow has turned to sneaux! After 60+ degrees in Las Vegas, it was hard to return home to snow and cold. But I'm back. Oh, I'm back...

  7. Oh. I adore winter. The world enters her peaceful time and so do I. Come January, won't you try this?

    1. crackling fire - a real one, no gas logs, please

    2. fleece throw and cozy socks

    3. Thirteenth Tale by Diane Sutterfield

    4. Your favorite chocolate indulgence by your side

    5. A journal and a pen for those quieter moments

    What's not to love?


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth