December 15, 2008

this is what happens when you invite me over for coffee

{you did mumble something like that, right ?}
{that timer was a tricky thing, huh ?}
{okay, time to get silly}
{scarves and jumping, not a great combination}
{I think I'm working up a sweat now}
{it was amazing how after I took my scarf off
I could finally get some air}
thanks everyone for all the fun and putting up with me and my crazy ways !!
I had so much fun
that I'm going to use my tripod and self timer
all the time now !!


  1. oh man, jump shots are the BEST! :-) wasn't that fun?

  2. Now this looks like a group of women I with whom I would like to share a bottle pinot noir!

  3. you are such a lively one...i love that about you!

    here is my invitation,
    when: anytime
    where: here or there
    Why? why the hell yes, i am allowed to use that word here...i asked. ;-)
    who: you and anyone you bring along
    what: a party
    how: car, place, bus, train... you could even walk, just bring lots of water and snacks if you do!
    oh...and don't forget your camera. :-)

  4. you are A M A Z I N G !

  5. Ok. So please invite me to your next party. I'll jump any time you want to. And, I'll be really, really happy if you'll twirl with me.

  6. Oh, I adore it! Yes, my friends have the same reaction when I come about! And you all look happy and delighted!

  7. that is so lovely! there is often a moment of resistance when i ask someone to jump in a photo...but nearly every time it ends up being their favorite!

    great job on this! i'm so glad you asked them to.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth