December 14, 2008

because sometimes I like them big......


I'm not sure about the rest of you using blogger, but I've had one hell of a time trying to figure out how to make my pictures larger on a post....and I think I have it figured out...maybe...and if I ever recover from the 82 head banging hours it took me to do this, I just might be able to help you, if you're interested !!!


  1. really lovely colors and perspective

  2. Beautiful image! I'm just loving all the Christmas photos floating around. :)

  3. Did you find a way other than checking the small, medium, large box on the photo upload page? If you did, I'd love to know. And I'd also like to know an easier way to arrange multiple photos. Sometimes I bang my head for hours over that, checking the preview a million times, getting it to where I want it, then finding the published version somehow rearranged things. Arrgghhhh!

  4. Oh your photo is so Beautiful!

  5. In response to your blog title....
    ....that's what she said.
    HaHa, get it?
    ....because sometimes I like them big....that's what she said!!
    Awesome pic Mom!
    Love ya!

  6. This is great. Absolutely stunning image.

    I use the small/medium/large box on blogger -- is there another way? I've wondered if you can mix and match for different photos. Probably different uploads.

    Well, I'm glad this is big, cuz it's wonderful!

  7. Pretty! And, look at that reflection.

  8. Yahoo!! Good for you! It looks great!

    I loved your verbs!


  9. Wonderful!!! Christmas glory in one shot.


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