July 6, 2008

moving ever so slightly.....

Our quiet little cottage
brings a sense of stillness that is hard to put into words.
Maybe because nothing is actually still
while we are there.
The turned leaves on the trees
sway side to side
no matter how gentle the breeze is.
The prairie grasses dance
almost perfectly to the beat of the music
we always have playing.
The birds dive and disappear
into the feeders
as if they have never eaten a single seed.
The furry striped chipmunks
bounce all around the fringed edge
of our yard,
searching for the peanuts
I leave out for them.
The ceiling fans cycle constantly
bringing down wisps of cool air
that tickle the back of our necks.
And the hummingbirds
flit by in their iridescent colors
and I catch my breath
while I watch in amazement at their gentleness.
So maybe it's just our hearts that are still
when we are at the cottage,
and maybe our heads, too.
An overall stillness
wrapped up in quiet
that is almost tangible.
I guess when the most important question of any day
that someone might ask is
"is there any more lemonade"
will do that to a person...
quiet them down
and make them thankful
to have some place
that will take them away
and let them
believe in just about anything.


  1. Your cottage isn't like mine, and yet when I read this, I keep thinking we have been to the same place. One of sound, yet quiet. And always, peace, beauty and nature. Thanks for letting us join you there.

  2. oh what a nice post.

    You have a knack for Saying It Right.

    Isn't amazing how much is going on in a Quiet Place ? Lots ! One only has to take the time....to notice .

    I liked how you said the only thing still was your heart and head....

    BEautiful place ! Just so nice that you have it to escape to.

  3. I wish I could join you for that cup of tea in your kitchen. Or, maybe, just this once, we can have lemonade. I'll bring the cookies.

  4. whether it's the beach or the cabin, it's just so beautiful, restful and magical...


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth