July 11, 2008

last night

I tossed and turned
with my eyes pinched tight,
knowing that I was adding more depth
to the already furrowed lines living between my brows,
but it seemed like the only answer
for keeping the blinding light
from the night's
from piercing through me
Then the heavy thunder followed
and weighted me down like I had
an elephant on my chest
and I found my breathing
becoming shallow
The rain heaved itself
against my bedroom windows
sounding like an ocean
knocking loudly
wanting to come inside
I couldn't get away from it
so I slowly curled my body into itself
and with my head buried deep
in my pillow
I dreamt that
I was floating away
And when morning arrived
and I was still here
I had to pinch myself
to remember who I was
In other words....
we had the mother of all storms last night !!!


  1. AnonymousJuly 11, 2008

    i love storms and find myself standing as close to them as I can while keeping safe, too... there was a time that i was so terrified of them and would hide anytime i knew one was coming.
    this photo is beautiful and i really enjoyed reading your poem...i felt like it was me. ;-)
    looking forward to meeting soon!

  2. I think that rain is headed over to Michigan. It rained in the night and continues this morning. At least it held off for our canoe ride yesterday!

    Boy, did you ever describe that storm to the max! Sounds ginormous! And the photo is really striking.

  3. Am I weird? I would like a storm every night. Not as violent as you just went through, but some thunder, some lightening and a downpour....

    It just makes me feel cozy.

  4. i love storms, the louder the better! but, hey, it proved to be a great inspiration for a poem, huh? but unlike unusual me, my cats go absolutely bonkers at the sound of lightning, especially the one that you feel as if the skies just cracked open and the end of the world was near. that sounds like the storm you just had. on second thought, THAT loud, eh, i'd probably go fetal too.

  5. I love the way you write and how you express yourself. You are a great writer. I enjoy storms as well, but find myself getting scared when the winds are heavy. We had a mean storm that blew in I think on Thursday night. The tornado alarms went off. My poor 6 year old was crying because he also get's scarred of frightening storms. They are wonderful I agree......

  6. I am a storm lover, too. There is nothing like a good pounding rain while the sky flickers. I find it exciting and peaceful at the same time. I even love that nervous laugh I get when a particularly loud boom of thunder sounds right overhead. When we are finally able to build our own house, we are going to have the architect find some way to put a tin roof over our bedroom. That's my favorite sound of all - rain on a tin roof.

  7. AnonymousJuly 15, 2008

    Hey Beth! I just love that banner it is so fantastic, what a great choice. I just wanted to pop by and say Hi and how are you? and give you my love and tell you I appreciate your support so much, thanks honey, take care Jen B xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Wow...sounds scarey and wonderful. I love thunderstorms as we don't get them much here.

    You know what I thought you were writing about when I read the first line and saw the photo ? A migraine ! isn't that photo perfect when you think about it ? I read eyes pinched shut and thought, oh she had one of THOSE.

    Glad it was a thundershower instead.



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