July 1, 2008

don't blink....

I read so many blogs by women who have small children
and I wonder if they really have any idea what the future holds for them.
My guess is no!
At an early age we knew this one of ours could charm the pants off of us
with just a wink of an eye
and as the years have gone by
he has entertained us with many of his other talents....
speaking all day with an english or scottish accent
sleeping until noon
farting on command
burping the alphabet
taking showers that last an hour
Now this is where he really cracks us up.
This is at camp where "his group" was making up a dance routine
to a Hannah Montana song to be performed later that evening
for the little campers.
I asked him about the shirt...like dude, you look like a girl !
and when we got to see the final video
of the dance routine it made sense....

all the boys were dressed like girls !
And of course, I must say, he looked adorable
in his white eyelet skirt...AND
his size 12 tennis shoes....
a look only his mother could love
and then it hit me~
these kids really do change
right before our eyes
and I don't want to ever miss any of it...
so from now on,
I'm done blinking!


  1. I do love this! First of all, those photos (young and old) are adorable! And when they start to grow up, it's amazing how they change. Our youngest had his first year at college and came home more articulate, more social, and far more fun to be with than the burly ball player who only muttered and wanted to be anywhere but with adults! We like growing up. Well, sometimes!

  2. I love the b & w photo. I so hear you about how fast they grow. Our youngest is 3 1/2 and I was thinking the other day that having another might be nice, then caught myself. WHAT am I THINKING? I am enjoying my kids just where they are at. And don't miss hauling a carrier carseat like a suitcase of encyclopedias everywhere I went (like my young neighbor is currently). Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Oh Beth ! this is a great post . How darling ! how sweet and how WISE of you.

    That little monkey in the first photo is pretty endearing ! His wink got me too - !

    Hope your long holiday weekend is full of fun too.

    Love, S.

    ps. Sending eyedrops....

  4. p.s.s. He's got SKILLZ doesn't he ? Any mother would be proud (laughing at scottish accent and OTHER things!)

  5. AnonymousJuly 07, 2008

    I love this! I wish I could put things in words like you do. I can hear the smile on your face.

    Your son is darling!

  6. it is 5:00 in the morning and i was browsing sleepily through your lovely blog and saw this......it made me smile :) he is quite the multitalented boy yes? love your take on the need not to blink for fear of missing. though i admit that i was hoping for a video...


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