July 13, 2008

let's be honest.....

I usually hestitate recommending movies to people
unless I know them well enough
to know that they won't hate me if I end up wasting their time
when they watch a movie
that they didn't like
or they didn't get
or was just okay
only because I told them that
I loved it.
But this summer
we've been watching more movies than usual
maybe because, oh I don't know....
I'm lazy
I love my couch !!
I pick and choose the movies
John does not.
He leaves it totally up to me
so that he can get through the next day
without the constant reminder of
"oh yeah, well that movie you picked last night,
well it sucked!!"
So now it's my turn
to share my summer movies
with you.
I don't usually do this....
if you watch them
and hate them...
maybe it was because you had too much cheap tequila ahead of time
and oh, I don't know...
fell asleep before the movie even started !!
in no particular order
~lars and the real girl~
~martian child~
~august rush~
~the bucket list~
~forgetting Sarah Marshall~
~death at a funeral~
~freedom writers~
since I'm putting it all out there
I can take it
the good
the bad
even the ugly
if you want
to share your feelings
about any of my suggestions
just remember
in all honesty
I'm not that nice...
unless I've had too much of the above mentioned
cheap tequila...
and then based on personal experience
that's when you'll find me
in a hot tub
that's not mine
wearing a bikini
that's not mine
throwing out the idea
that being topless
is a good thing....
oops, maybe I'll save that story
for another post
on another day


  1. I'm glad you took the plunge and did it as I love getting recommendations. If we disagree, no flogging - I promise.
    Of your recommendations, I've only watched two. I loved, loved, loved August Rush, but didnt' think much of Freedom Writers. Am going to go now and visit my Netflix queue. I do, however, want to hear that other story that you are saving for another day. ;^)

  2. that is a really great sofa photo. wouldn't a book of abandoned sofa photos be great? the ghosts of all those flopping people seem to haunt them... ilove the way your centered text makes whatever you write seem poetic!

  3. I love your couch, too -- if that's your couch (it's a great photo if it's not or is!). So, I want to know what John thought sucked!

    I haven't seen any of these but remember being intrigued about the previews for both Lars and August Rush -- and I think Death at a Funeral, too. Is that British? I agree with suzy crancer about your centered text. It does look poetic, but then you write so well, I guess that almost goes without saying!

  4. I think the only movie I've heard of on your list is Bucket List and Freedom Writers. And I haven't seen any of them! *sigh* we pay so much for movie channels that we don't rent movies hardly ever so if it isn't on a movie channel, I may not have seen it yet. Recommendation for you..."Kinky Boots", an English film. I also rewatched "Chocolat" recently and have decided that I need to BUY it.

  5. As a dear friend, I can say this..I think I will stick with the cheap alcohol for good old fashioned me and the honey fun! He so does not like what I like and most "rental nights" happen about three times a year. I will however keep your suggestions in mind then next time I choose a movie over some booze induced "date night".

  6. The only one of these that I have seen is Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I loved it! It was way better than I thought it would be.

    Mike and I are getting ready to see the new Batman movie soon.

  7. oooh my ! Some Buddy is having a great vacation is what I can see - or oh ! Well...no ! I didn't SEE...thank goodness apparently as it got NUDIE


    I saw all of the list except the last three / four.

    Wasn't Lars and The Real Girl strange/interesting/appalling/amazing !!! all at the same time ? Yeh...and to think people really HAVE this THING...where they can only rish intimacy with...anyway, one of the best , yes.

    Sarah Marshall I steered clear of...will take your hot tip though and give it a trie-sy this weekend. If it gets too boring or not my cup of tea, I will just dig out the cheap tequila...Mostly likely keep my top on though....only cuz...those days are a little behind me. NO ! BELOW me...as in sinking sagging fast. Wahhh.

    Love, S.

    ps, how did such a wonderful RED couch end up in tatters ? you gotta wonder....Great photo !!! Loved it.

  8. I've been in a movie phase too.
    And many of yours suggestions were on my list. So I'll let you know once I watch them.

  9. I'm in the middle of an email as I comment, but I had to say, "D---! Your good!" Martian Child was no less than amazing!


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